Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Holy Wave - Freaks of Nature

Austin, Texas' Holy Wave work in sonic, shoegazy textures and dusty, surfy, west coast psychedelia with a few nods to the British Invasion.  And when they are on their game, they deliver a reverb-drenched space jam that will tickle your retro aural receptors and make you want to sit in the beach chair watching the setting sun with Freaks of Nature on full blast.

For me, the top songs are "Western Playland", which teases us with pleasant memories of Allah-Las, the Teenage Fanclub-esque "Air Wolf", the Zombies-like "Minstrel's Gallop", and the luscious dream pop of "California Took My Bobby Away".  However, it is a consistent album overall, and if Zombies meets Allah-Las meets Black Angels is an interesting musical stew, we can enthusiastically recommend this one.

Freaks of Nature is Holy Wave's third album.  It is out on March 11 via The Reverberation Appreciation Society.  Holy Wave is Kyle Hager, Dustin Zozaya, Julian Ruiz, Joey Cook, Ryan Fuson.

Reverberation Appreciation Society

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