Wednesday, March 9, 2016

"Dive" and "Golden" by Morning TV

I've had to revisit my feelings regarding morning TV.  I've always regarded morning TV (at least the pre-commute version) as a bland bunch over overly made-up talking heads avoiding real news and analysis and giggling at each other's poor quips.  I generally just listen to a bit of NPR or KEXP on the Sonos (sponsorship fee not paid) before dashing off to join the lemmings streaming into the city.  But, my friends, things change.  Because now we have Sydney four-piece Morning TV, and they deliver the kind of summery indie pop that will improve anyone's morning.  Their debut EP is scheduled for release in the latter half of April, but you can get a free download of "Dive" and "Golden" right here.  Top quality stuff, and fewer calories than a bagel.

And if I may boldly suggest a bit of round-the-world excitement, start our your day with a little Breakfast Muff, Glasgow style (link), and then relax with Morning TV.  But if you don't make it to work and are terminated, don't blame me.

Morning TV is Brit (vocals/guitar), Ana (bass), Tim (guitar/vocals), and Cam (drums)


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