Monday, January 25, 2016

"Parcel of Rogues", in honor of Robert Burns

Tonight is Burns Night in Scotland, an annual celebration of the country's best known poet/lyricist (and author or 'Auld Lang Syne') on the anniversary of his birth.  My wife tells me haggis is not on the menu at Chez Rocksteady (no doubt all bought up at the market before she got there), so I'll celebrate by offering "Parcel of Rogues", a musical rendition of Burns' condemnation of the politicians who sold out Scotland in 1707 by approving the Act of Union, binding Scotland to England.  The song is by one of the finest of Scottish band, The Delgados.  The song can be found on the collection of their performances for John Peel's show, which is released in 2006 by the Glasgow label founded by the group, Chemikal Underground.

Chemikal Underground

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