Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Outdoor Type - The Outdoor Type EP

Dreamy guitar pop with country accents and a vibe suggestive of sunny skies, warm breezes, blue skies and open spaces.  Yes sir, The Outdoor Type is aptly named.  The EP opens with the wide-scope "When The Sun Goes Down".  Driven by an anthemic chorus and ringing guitars and synths, it signals that the listener is going to enjoy a sweet ride.  The following "Are You Happy" is a more relaxed, but still upbeat, country-flavored song that would be the perfect soundtrack for a drive on a sunny afternoon.  "I Tell You What I See" gives the template a tasty twist, combining the country feel of the preceding track with the '80s-style chorus of the opener, all in a more brooding package.  At this point, I was thinking that no matter what else Zack drops on us for the following two songs, he still has created a successful EP.  But the young man needs no sympathy, as the fourth track,  the fast-paced jangle pop gem titled "Onions and Avocados", may be the sleeper hit on this EP.  The record closes with the beautiful dream pop lullaby, "Day To Day".

With five delightful songs, The Outdoor Type EP signals the arrival of an exciting pop artist.  Snap this one up and your life will be better.  And hope more is forthcoming.

The Outdoor Type EP is out now via Habit Music Company.  You also can find it on iTunes.

Habit Music Company
iTunes for EP

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