Sunday, May 31, 2015

REVIEW: Junk - Liquorice EP

Are you now, or have you ever, kept a "junk drawer"?  When I was young we (me and my 345 siblings), each had one drawer of our dresser for items that didn't fall into any other category.  Our mother referred to it as our junk drawer, and the name stuck.  The thing of it is, the stuff in the drawer was certainly not junk.  Some of our most treasured possessions were kept in those drawers, assigned there in part because they were so special, so different from stuff that was easily categorized for other drawers.  Every time I went to my junk drawer, I knew that I was going to be delighted.

So too, I suggest, will be your look into the Liquorice EP from York, UK trio JUNK.  Crunchy garage pop and jangling fuzz rock that you will want to keep with your special editions of new music.  Yes, indeed, the delightful music of JUNK belongs in your musical junk drawer.  The EP begins with the jangling, high energy standout "Dirt In My Eye".  With a bit of taunt to the vocals and a big chorus, it is one of my favorite songs of the year.  The following "Dennis Willson" backs off to mid tempo and dials up the jangle.  "Willows" holds the position as the hardest rocking track on the EP.  And it leaves no doubt that these kids can rock.  But even when they rock, they take the time to write a ear worm chorus.  The closing title track is another favorite.  The with a deliberate pace and and extra dose of fuzz around the hooks, this might be way The Jesus and Mary Chain might have sounded like with a female vocalist.  It is good enough to eat.

Estella Adeyeri, Sam Coates and Danny Barton have only been a band for about a year and a half, and this is their second EP.  But sometimes you don't need to have years and years, album and albums, to judge who has "it".  Believe me, JUNK is the real deal.

The Liquorice EP is available as a digital download or cassette.  See the Bandcamp link or the CHUD Records order page.

CHUD Records
CHUD Records order page for EP

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