Wednesday, December 4, 2013

T54 - In Brush Park

In Brush Park is the new LP from Christchurch, New Zealand band T54.  The album is named for a section of Detroit, Michigan with deserted historic mansions, and the band is named for a type of WWII Soviet battle tank.  With that opening, you might expect an all-out hard rock bombast.  If so, you would be wrong.  Don't misunderstand, there is plenty of volume from all three members - and the rhythm section of Matt Scobie and Sam Hood is particularly fierce - but this album is a delightful melange of textures and perspectives.  Some songs are dreamy, some are urgent, some are aggressive, and some are all three.  Joe Sampson's guitar has many voices, from Pavement haze to Seattle grunge, but all of them are assured and delightful (alert readers might recall that he is the guitarist for Salad Boys, who we featured earlier this year).  The vocals are down in the mix, but in the context of the album, it seems to me that the production choice is apt.  The vocals are just another aural texture.

I have provided some streams below, but I urge you to hit the Bandcamp link and stream the entire album.  In addition to the songs below, I particularly recommend "Nails Painted", "Kill Red", and "Biscuit City Sisters".  What stands out for me, in addition to the quality of the songwriting and musicianship, is that these guys manage to convey the feeling that they like their songs and like playing their songs.  The songs seem to unfold organically without feeling rushed.  Quite honestly, I first read about T54 when I was preparing a post about the Salad Boys, and I hadn't heard any of their songs until I digested In Brush Park.  Of the many bands that are new to me this year, I'll say that this one makes the short list of bands from which to expect good things in the future.

"Return of the Worm" - great video, great song (how is that for incisive music writing?):

In Brush Park is out now via Flying Nun.  It is available on CD or as a digital download at the link below.

Band blog
Link for ordering CD or digital

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