Saturday, February 2, 2013

New video and song for upcoming release from Super Water Sympathy - Hydrogen Child

Super Water Sympathy is a Shreveport, LA-based band playing what they call "Water Pop". It's pretty straight-ahead rock music, but with a big sound. The 5-piece band consists of brothers Billy and Clyde Hargrove (bass and guitar, respectively), Ryan Robinson (drums), Jason Mills (keys), and Ansley Hughes (vocals). They're all very good, and work together very well... and it all supports Hughes' big, big vocals. 

There's creativity, optimism and a sense of fun on display. Check out this video for "Uh oh!":

They're giving away a download of "Sunday School Dress" - click here.

The song will be available to buy in February and the album is due out in April.

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