Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Las Kellies - Suck This Tangerine

Sometimes when listening to Suck This Tangerine, the new album by awesome Argentine duo Las Kellies, we say to ourselves "this dance rock sounds like garage rock". Other times, we say to ourselves "this garage rock sounds like dance rock". But even we were smart enough (eventually)  to stop torturing ourselves and realize that this album simply is the best dance rock album we have heard in a very long time, and the garage touches, and the incredible dub bass platform, just make the entire confection just more incredible. This is supple, sexy, slinky, and swaggering music that never fails to make us happier than we were before we started playing it (and given how much we stocked up on beer and wine before our virus lockdown, we usually are pretty damn happy before we press "play"). Almost four years since the band's last album, this one is their best so far and well worth the wait.

Las Kellies are Cecilia Kelly (bass/guitars/vocals) and Silvina Costa (drums/percussion/vocals). Suck This Tangerine is out now in vinyl, CD and digital formats via Fire Records.

Bandcamp for Suck This Tangerine
Fire Records page for Suck This Tangerine

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