Wednesday, January 9, 2019

"Dreaming" by Skytone

I don't think there is a rule requiring a jangle pop/dream pop band to write at least one song with a variation of "dream" in the title, but perhaps there should be.  In any case, if such a rule were to be adopted, Canadian duo (we don't count the drum machine in the headcount unless it also receives songwriting credit) Skytone has it covered.  Their new single "Dreaming" has the title, the jangle, and a delightful '60 British Invasion vibe.  Oh, and it is a name your price download.  Deal of the week, folks.

Skytone are Rodney and Darius Doddridge.  They release their music on Ottawa's This Is Beautiful Music label.

Bandcamp for "Dreaming"

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