Tuesday, April 24, 2018

"Solid States" and "A Premise" by Vital Idles

Creating a minimalist, and exceptionally direct, style of pop music, Glasgow's Vital Idles have earned our interest, respect, and anticipation of their debut album, Left Hand.  And while the album is not yet in our hands, we have tracks "A Premise" and "Solid States" to justify our attention to the band.  Vital Idles' art is a bit warped, a bit angular, and a bit brutal, but shaped with clear inspiration and intelligence.  It is punk music, not in the commercial smash and scream sense, but rather in the all-important conception, and we early await more of it.

Vital Idles are Jessica Higgins, Matthew Walkerdine, Nick Lynch, and Ruari MacLean.  Left Hand will be released June 1 via Upset the Rhythm.

Pre-order page for Left Hand

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