Wednesday, December 14, 2016

"Meat Moon" / "Mary, Gary, warehouse" by Love Sport

New music from Helsinki's Love Sport is early Christmas here at WYMA world headquarters.  The A-side is "Meat Moon", which may have you wondering whether Helsinki is now in California.  It isn't by the way -- we had our one partially sober intern look into it and three hours later he announced with 80% confidence that Helsinki was still in Finland (he's a keeper, that boy).  But the vibe is definitely Cool Ghouls plays Guided By Voices and The Feelies to our ears, which makes us happy all day.  The B-side is "Mary, Gary, warehouse", a jangling, country-tinged garage rock romp.

The single is out today via Soliti Music.  Love Sport's album Dull Tracks will be released by Soliti in the next few months.  We are betting that the tracks on Dull Tracks will be anything but dull.

Soliti Music

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