Friday, June 3, 2016

"Sundial" by Cool Ghouls

Unlike other music sites, which are likely to bring you any old ghouls, WYMA only brings you the best, the Cool Ghouls.  People -- people who know such things -- always tell me, those guys have the coolest ghouls on their site.  Coverage better than the other sites, which are all pathetic. So sad. /s/ guest writer Donald "the German" Trump

Well, um, thank you very much Donald, I guess.  I'm sure that was the best of your best words.  But the Donald is right about one thing, San Francisco's Cool Ghouls are one of the best indie rock bands in America.  They will hit us with a new album called Animal Races later this summer via Empty Cellar Records in the US and Melodic Records in the UK/Europe.  Our first earworm is the wonderfully jangling "Sundial".

Cool Ghouls are Pat Thomas, Ryan Wong, Pat McDonald, and Alex Feshman.

Empty Cellar Records' Bandcamp page for Animal Races

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