Friday, October 3, 2014

REVIEW: The Popguns - Lovejunky 7"

The return of Brighton's beloved The Popguns in 2012 was warmly welcomed by indie pop fans.  But not content with adding a new drummer, a background singer and playing their old material, the band's return takes a big step forward this year with the release of new music.  If Pop Fiction, the LP to be released near the end of the year is the main course, then this month's Lovejunky 7" is the perfect appetizer.  The title track is the sort of up tempo guitar pop on which The Popguns earned their fame: Note perfect and sincerely affecting vocals over loud guitars and muscular power chords.  I don't know about you, but if The Popguns and I were standing in a downpour and Wendy started singing about what a sunny day we were enjoying, I might start applying sunscreen.  One of the dual B-sides, "Long Way to Fall", is a top track in its own right.  "Home Late", the second B-side, The Popguns change pace for a gentle and sweet closer, featuring female vocals over an acoustic guitar.  Few bands have enough writing prowess to create tracks such as "Long Way to Fall" and "Home Late" as B-sides.  However, note that the B-sides won't be on Pop Fiction, so you can only have them by acquiring the Lovejunky 7".

The Lovejunky 7" is officially released on October 12 by Matinee Recordings.  But pre-orders are now available, and releases like this tend to be snapped up all too quickly.  If you wait, the vinyl will be gone.  Fortunately, it also is a digital release.

The band's current line up is Wendy Pickles, Simon Pickles, Greg Dixon, Pat Walkington, Tony Bryant, and Kate Mander.

Matinee Recordings page for release

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