Monday, June 26, 2017

Matinee Idols

Our research division  revealed that millions of people woke up wondering the same thing we were wondering, which is -- what can be better for an indie pop fan than a new record from Matinee Recordings (we excluded the country of New Zealand from our calculations because they woke up wondering whether today was the day that they would vanquish the US holder of America's Cup and take the prize back to New Zealand, and obviously they are all very happy and, quite likely, no longer sober.).  Of course, the answer is that nothing is better, but there are various gradations of 'better'.  And at or near the top grade is a compilation of songs from Matinee Recordings.  And the timing of our research is exquisite, as we have now been graced by just such a compilation, the wonderful Matinee Idols.  The occasion is Matinee Recordings' 20th birthday.  And not content to wait and see if someone did something special to mark the event, Matinee made their own special compilation of Matinees artists, both long-standing and spanking new.  Just for the record, Matinee, we baked you a cake, but tasted it to make sure it was OK to eat and, well, one bite led to another.  Maybe for your 30th birthday we'll have more control.

The album consists of 14 rare, exclusive or unreleased songs, all of which are more than worthy to be released as singles.  Some of our favorite bands, bands which have graced these pages more than once, are represented: The Popguns; Strawberry Whiplash; Bubblegum Lemonade; Math and Physics Club; and The Hermit Crabs among them.  So to demonstrate the quality of the record we've selected offerings from bands who have rarely or never been on these pages.  So thrill to the superb "Postcard" and "Talk" from Swedes The Electric Pop Group and Tinsel Heart, respectively.  "Something Falls" by Last leaves may remind the listener of The Lucksmiths, and since three quarters of that defunct band are in Last Leaves, it is perfectly understandable.  Also included below are notable offerings from English band Catenary Wires and The Royal Landscape Society from Spain.  We aren't waiting for the marketplace to decide, there is no need.  Matinee Idols is a pop classic right out of the gate.

Matinee Idols is out now in CD and digital formats.

Matinee Recordings page for album
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