Tuesday, June 27, 2017

"Gold In The Hills" by Verandan

Ville Hopponen is a veteran of two of my favorite Finnish bands, Cats on Fire and The New Tigers.  While staying with the Soliti Music family, Ville's restless musical muse has inspired his new project, named Verandan (apparently, feline-based names are out of fashion).  The first offering is the digital-only "Gold In The Hills", which will be followed by an EP later this year.  A large scale pop tune with soaring synths and a robust bass, it has a slightly '80s feel and absolutely makes our day better with each spin.

In addition to Hopponen, Verandan is Aleksi Peltonen (of Puunhalaaja), Aki Pohjankyro (of Black Twig and Love Sport), Kaarlo Stauffer (of Black Twig), and Sampo Seppanen (of Sofa Pets, Kynnet).

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