Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Outerhope - Holiday

"Holiday", the title track of Outerhope's new two-song single glitters like Christmas ornaments on a winter night.  But the shimmering sounds have a weighty core, as the themes are loss and grief, occasioned by the death of the partner of the band's vocalist.  It is engaging for every second of its six minute run, and a fitting tribute to its subject.  The second song is the atmospheric, cinematic "Boarding Area".  Holiday is the first single from Outerhope's upcoming LP, Vacation.  The songs on Holiday has a special weightless quality that prompts repeated listens, and growing satisfaction.

Outerhope are siblings Michael Benedicto and Micaela Benedicto, and they live in Manila.  The single, which is available only as a digital download, is released by Shelflife, which also will release the album later this year.

Shelflife page for single

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