Saturday, December 26, 2020

"Can't You See" by The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness

 We are slowly crawling out of our holiday cocoon, and thought we should share "Can't You See", the new single from The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness. It is a terrific indie pop gem that ends too quickly. But that is more reason to preorder the album, Songs From Another Life.

The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness is Andrew Taylor of Scotland and Gonzalo Marcos of Spain. The album is due February 5 via Bobo Integral.


Bandcamp for single

Bandcamp for album


Tuesday, December 22, 2020

"I Don't Want To Be With Anyone" by Dannika


Most years we do not post often Christmas week, because we are off skiing or doing other things with family. COVID has put a damper on many of those activities (including our annual ski trip to Canada). However, life has compensated by giving us more projects for clients than we had anticipated.

However, we could not help taking a break to bring you "I Don't Want To Be With Anyone", the first single from the upcoming album Gems by Melbourne's Dannika. The project of musician, songwriter and filmmaker Dannika Horvat and three friends, they produce indie pop that seems to have a gloss of something special. Take a test drive with the single, and set a calendar alert for January 29, when Gems will be released via Spunk Records and Osborne Again Music. The other members of Dannika are Liam Parsons, Stefan Blair, and Paul Ceraso.


Bandcamp for single

Bandcamp for Gems