Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Neutral Shirt -Daisyworld

Welcome to Matty Terrones' musical world -- world of jangle, pop, and loud/soft arrangements. The name of his project is Neutral Shirt, but don't be fooled by the unassuming name. Matty's songs are dynamic, colorful and evocative. Daisyworld, the new album, consists of eight tracks that Matty wrote when living in Philadelphia and then recorded when he returned to San Diego.We think it is fine stuff and we suggest you devote your ears to a spin.

For this record, Matty was joined by Daniel (guitar), Rainier (drums), Maybellline (keys), and Leah (bass/trumpet). Daisyworld is out now in digital and cassette + digital formats.

Matty's Twitter
Neutral Shirt Bandcamp for digital album
Lost Sound Tapes Bandcamp for Cassette + digital

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Alpine Subs - Sweethaven

Sweethaven indeed! The new album by Chicago six-piece Alpine Subs is a sweet treat for your ears and an aural haven for your spirit in troubled times. Melding the best of '70s pop rock, country rock and a dash of alternative rock with plenty of jangle, it is a premium package of melody and positive spirit. This album has a more psychedelic touches than its more crunchy 2019 predecessor, and that attribute combined with the jangle and melody makes for an irrepressibly sunny set of songs. And speaking of a set of songs, Sweethaven boasts a generous 15 tracks. We recommend this album a prime candidate for your soundtrack for the last month of summer.

Alpine Subs are principal songwriter Will Goodseed with Pat Loveless, Carrie Roche, Drew Hackney, Brendan Taylor, and Connor McDougal. Sweethaven is out now via Subjangle Records.

Bandcamp for Sweethaven