Thursday, June 11, 2020

Night Heron - I Heard You Dreaming

One of the more stunning listening experiences we have had lately is listening to I Heard You Dreaming. The songs are the creation of Michael Telles, aka Night Heron, who is a teacher in Massachusettes. Michael has an extensive catalog of music, but this special release includes 13 of his favorites plus five songs recorded for this album. The sound is an artful concoction of folk, dream pop and jangle pop, washed in reverb and accented by acoustic guitar and wistful vocals. Some songs may bring to mind Elliott Smith, others Nick Drake or the Pernice Brothers. The music is absolutely gorgeous, and while it is a fine album for any time of day in any season of the year, it is perfect for your quiet summer nights.

The album is out now in digital and CD formats via Subjangle Records.

Bandcamp for I Heard you Dreaming
Subjangle Records

"Get :Lost" by Carla J. Easton

We are going to celebrate the upcoming weekend a bit early with "Get Lost", the new record from Glasgow's Carla J. Easton. The single consists of the "Get Lost", the lead track from Easton's upcoming new album Weirdo, and non-album track "Touching The Sky". The former is euphoric, dreamy pop anthem perfection. The latter a bottom-heavy, swirling late-night club banger.

Carla believes in the power of collaboration, and the songs on this single amply display the value of her approach. The songwriting was a team effort with Scott Paterson, whose work with the late Sons & Daughters impressed us greatly. Apparently, "Get Lost" was one of their first songwriting efforts, and it stands as proof of a productive partnership. We have a feeling that Weirdo is going to be an album to treasure.

The single is out now, and Weirdo will be out on August 28 via Glasgow's Olive Grove Records.

Bandcamp for single

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Time Stalkers - Time Stalkers

Maybe you have never heard of Will Moloney. We are inclined to forgive you, as we hadn't heard of him until a month ago. But if you can write a set of songs like those on the self-titled album from the Time Stalkers, and pull together a nine-member band to execute them this well, then every indie fan should learn your name. We have discovered that Will has a following due to his Old Table project, and sometimes uses the name Will Table for his music work. His fellow Time Stalkers are vets of various Brooklyn bands and the abundance of talent is obvious.

The listener dives into Time Stalkers with "Maxine", a rambling brush-by introduction to eccentrics one might meet on the streets in Brooklyn. To be sure, eccentricity infuses the album, but in a warm and delightful way. Typical indie jangle and drums are augmented with sax, strings, xylophone, and bongos (reminding us of how much we enjoy hearing bongos). The songs are an appealing mix of upbeat and more restrained tempos, and the lyrics are imaginative and evocative. When the band ventures into the political, they are in a lane to which we can subscribe, and a bit of research shows that they aren't posing -- they live their convictions.

The band is Will Moloney/Table (vocals/snare/floor tom/ride cymbal/songwriting), Carolyn Hietter (sax/vocals), Charlie Dore-Young (bass/vocals), Paco Cathcart (electric guitar/vocals), Al Nardo (xylophone/vocals), Eli Kleinsmith (violin/vocals), Van Do (acoustic guitar/vocals), Kurt Pope (bongo drums/vocals). Time Stalkers is out now via Intellectual Birds Records, with cassette via Gentle Reminder and, eventually, vinyl via Feeding Tube. Cover art by comics artist Robert Calzone

Bandcamp for album
Old Table's Facebook page
Will's Twitter

Monday, June 8, 2020

The Stroppies - Look Alive!

Look Alive! represents yet another facet of the talented Australian four piece The Stroppies. Earlier recordings had a raw edge to them. Last year's wonderful debut LP Woosh! upped the melodic element and added some polish to superb effect. This album was recorded soon after the band finished their second European tour in in a fairly short span. While taking nothing away from the previously-mentioned elements, Look Alive! has a live-to-tape spontaneity and a bit of a jaded vibe. We must say, they wear it well.

At the end of the year, you should expect knowledgeable guitar pop folks to point out that Look Alive! is one of the guitar pop 'must haves' of the year. They will be right. And if you are on the ball, you will nod and say "I know", WYMA told me so and I bought it.

The Stroppies are Angus Lord, Caudia Serfaty, Rory Heane, and Adam Hewitt. Look Alive! is out now via Tough Love Records.

Bandcamp for Look Alive!
Tough Love Records