Saturday, June 6, 2020

"Lucky Rolling Stone" by Ian McKelvie

Good writers have the ability to see a story to tell based on a viewpoint, an observed encounter, or a journey. The best of them tell the story evocatively and succinctly, sketching the bones and allowing the reader's imagination to fill the picture in his or her mind. Scottish veterinarian and musician Ian McKelvie has such an ability, but he possesses the further talent to put his stories to music. We have featured his music under the name The Colourful Band a number of times, but today's feature is a song he is releasing under his own name (despite what it says on the Bandcamp stream below). "Lucky Rolling Stone" was inspired by Ian's drive down the Pacific Coast Highway in a camper van from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Inspired by the drive, we find it perfect driving music for our adventures.

Ian played acoustic, electric and slide guitars, and sang lead and backing vocals. Drumming was supplied by Derek O'Neill. The track is available as a digital download via Bandcamp.

Bandcamp for "Lucky Rolling Stone"

Friday, June 5, 2020

Scott the Hoople - Anything Is Better Than You EP

When we featured an album by Scott McCaughey, aka Scott the Hoople (link) we didn't expect him to be back here this soon. But America is in crisis, and Scott has penned three timely songs for an EP titled Anything Is Better Than You. I think most of us can guess to whom the "you" in the title refers, but we aren't featuring this album just because of the target. We are featuring it because all of the proceeds will be donated to a racial justice organization Color of Change ( Color of Change). The first and second tracks are aggressive, slashing indie rock. "Things Are Going To Get Better", the third track, is our favorite -- perhaps because we are optimistic types and perhaps because it has a Mott the Hoople vibe that just sits well with us as we end a horrific week.

Bandcamp for EP

Thursday, June 4, 2020

"Don't Demystify" by Terje Torkellsen

We don't know much about Terje Torkellsen other than he is a student in Olso, Norway, he has released a few previous singles and been involved in various projects (Mats Wawa, Geetar, Palmface), and his new single "Don't Demystify" is an absolute delight. What more would we need to know? The song features sincere vocals and a light and sparkling arrangement that feels like sunshine on our faces after a week of dreary rain. Hey, we live in Seattle so we are aware of these things.

The single is out now as a digital release via Oslo's Sellout! Records. Check it out -- it may just get you through your Friday.

Various links for "Don't Demystify"
Sellout! Music

"Godless" (video) by Close Lobsters

One of the best guitar pop albums of this year, and a number of recent years, for that matter, is Post Neo Anti: Arte Povera In The Forest Of Symbols by Scotland's Close Lobsters. Of course, we already featured the album (link), but we welcome any chance to mention it again. That chance comes with the release of a video for "Godless", which happens to be one of our favorite tracks from the record. Enjoy the video below, and go get yourself a copy of the album if you somehow haven't done so yet.

Bandcamp for album

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Nat Vazer - Is This Offensive and Loud?

Ok, we admit that we have a fondness for lawyers turned musicians. For one thing, the majority of us who have written for the blog are lawyers. For another, if not for a talent deficit, we could be where they are. And what is life without dreams?

So one could assume that our decision to feature Nat Vazer, who formerly spent her days as civil litigator, is due to her professional license. However, we actually locked on to her formidable talent before we became aware of her past. Her new full length album, Is This Offensive and Loud? is neither of the things suggested in its title. But it is a superbly written set of songs showcasing Vazer's sweet and nuanced vocals, intimate storytelling, and some cool guitar work. Thematically, she dives into self reflection, love, broken relationships, parents and various insecurities. She makes it personal yet relateable, and wraps it in music that sticks with you like a welcome summer breeze.

Is This Offensive and Loud? is out now in digital, vinyl and CD formats via Hotel Motel Records.

Bandcamp for Is This Offensive and Loud?
Various links for album
Hotel Motel Records

Monday, June 1, 2020

"Vice" by Cool Sounds

We have been silent for a few days, digesting life and the crazy world, but to make it up to you we have "Vice" -- a glossy, '80s style pop gem with a stuttering rhythm that just makes us want to dance around the room. And with stay at home orders combined with riot curfews, we really needed this. The song is courtesy of those wonderful folks of Melbourne's Cool Sounds, via Hotel Motel Records. Dig that sax solo!

Bandcamp for "Vice"
Hotel Motel Records