Friday, May 29, 2020

"Laughing Falling" by Pop Filter

We were more than a little sad when one of our all-time favorite bands, Melbourne's The Ocean Party, called time on the project when member Zac Denton died all too soon. We had glimpses of their artistry with further recordings by band members Lachlan Denton, Liam "Snowy" Halliwell, and Nick Kearton (via Cool Sounds), but now we are happy to report that the gang is back as Pop Filter. Their debut album Banksia will be out on August 21 via Spunk Records, Osborne Again and Bobo Integral. We expect that with multiple songwriters, a long history of collaboration, and a tight four-day recording schedule, the album will be full of spontaneous musical genius. The first single is Laughing Falling", and you can hear it below.

Bandcamp for Banksia

Thursday, May 28, 2020

The New Fools - Mershmellow

We could lie to you and tell you that we have long followed The New Fools, but that would be a lie. In fact, when we saw the name we thought it was referring to us, and we wanted to defend ourselves by pointing out that we are not 'new fools', we have been around for over a decade.

The truth is that we only recently checked out this band, possibly after noting a reference on some social media platform. But however we got that, we were impressed with The New Fools' recent album, Mershmellow. It is a bit of indie pop, and a bit of folk rock. The storytelling is good, the vocals are warm, the tempo is upbeat and there are some delightful additions of violin, brass and sax.

For this album, The New Fools are Tony Jenkins, The Druid, Dave Seabright, Pete Carter, Say Jenkins, Martin Seabrook, James Stygall, and Matt Steady. Mershmellow is out now in digital and CD formats.

Bandcamp for Mershmellow

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

H. Moon - Trustblood

Philip Ekstrom is a name known to us for his former project The Mary Onettes. However, he is here today with Trustblood, the album for his solo venture H. Moon. Ekstrom is a musician, songwriter and composer, and for this venture he calls on all three. In fact, the songs on the album began when the Swede was composing the score for a feature film. Leftover tracks were reworked and embellished with lyrics. The stunning result is a musical tapestry that is part ambient, part cinematic, and part pop. The proceedings have a melancholy cast and the emotions can be raw. But the ultimate vibe is one of warmth. Well, perhaps bittersweet warm -- the emotion of survivors.

Trustblood is out now via Welfare Sounds.

Bandcamp for Trustblood
Welfare Sounds

The No Ones - The Great Lost No Ones Album

It seems appropriate to us to follow up a nearly two day period with no new posts by featuring a band named The No Ones. It would tweak our sense of humor to say we picked the band solely because of the name, but that would not be true. You see, this band is comprised of Peter Buck (R.E.M., the Minus 5, and others), Scott McCaughey (Young Fresh Fellows, the Minus 5, and others), Frode Stromstad (I Was A King), and Arne Kjelsrud Mathisen (I Was A King). Without searching the archives, we are confident that this is our first featured band with two members in Portland, Oregon and two members in Norway. As I'm sure you will expect, their recently-released The Great Lost No Ones Album is packed with satisfying guitar pop that should ease the pain of having no live shows to attend. The album was recorded in 2017, but took some time getting to the light of day. No matter, it has arrived and it sounds wonderful!

The album is out is vinyl, CD and digital formats via Yep Roc Records

Bandcamp for album

Sunday, May 24, 2020

"Goodbye Friend" by Mauv

Mauv is a band new to us, but we think it is the start of a long relationship. We write an indie music blog, and this Swedish band creates pop inflected indie rock. More importantly, we love beer, and Mauv's Facebook profile announces their fondness for the suds. There are other elements of relationships, we are told, but we think the basics are in place here.

And now, for the music. Mauv has just released a terrific single titled "Goodbye Friend". It starts out as a gentle tease, and then breaks out into a welcome-to-life banger. We recommend listening to start out your new week.

Mauv are Hanna Ahren, Albin Brandt, Samuel Krantz, Oskar Albersson, and Wael Mahrous. "Goodbye Friend" is out now via Swedish indie label Varo Records.

Varo Records