Saturday, April 18, 2020

"Pink Clouds" by Verandan

Ville Hopponen has been a member of two of our favorite Finnish bands, Cats On Fire and the New Tigers, as well as Pollop and Le Futur Pompiste. More recently, he has created music under the name Verandan, which featured on these pages multiple times in 2017. The project's first new music since 2017 is the just released "Pink Clouds". A shimmering pop tune with a palpable atmosphere of regret, it reveals a band whose every release should be eagerly collected.

Verandan are Ville Hopponen, Kaarlo Stauffer, Sampo Seppanen, Aleksi Peltonen, and Aki Pohjankyro. Saxophone was contributed by Jussi Hurskainen. "Pink Clouds" is released via Helsinki's Soliti Music.

Bandcamp for "Pink Clouds"

Friday, April 17, 2020

"Sway" by Virginia Trance

There is no shame for the artist when the listener perceives the artist's influences when listening. This is especially true when the detected influences are as worthy as the Velvet Underground, David Kilgour, The Clean, The Bats, Galaxie 500, Felt, and Dream Syndicate. So we are happy to bring to our readers' ears "Sway", the new single by Virginia Trance. Taken from the band's May 8 release Vincent's Playlist, the song is an engaging psychedelic pop tune with a gently chugging beat and a warm jangle. If the rest of the album matches this single, it will be a keeper.

Virginia Trance is Scott Ryan Davis, with Chris Millstein, Jimy Seitang, RJ Gordon, Ran Weisheit, and Sam Maquieira. Vincent's Playlist will be released via BYM Records.

Bandcamp for Vincent's Playlist
BYM Records

Thursday, April 16, 2020

New singles by Even As We Speak

It most certainly past time for us to tell our readers the good news that Even As We Speak will unleash new album Adelphi on June 26. The Australian band, justifiably referred to as Sarah Records legends, have crafted ten new gems to tickle our brains and soothe our souls. Yes, I know that June 26 seems far in the distance these days, but Even As We Speak have made that wait a bit less forbidding by releasing the album's first two songs as singles. At one US dollar each, a fan can't afford not to own them. Besides, that "beautiful" stimulus check with Mr. Trump's name on it is intended to stimulate the economy. Do your duty, people!

Adelphi will be released via Shelflife Records (US) and Discos de Kirlian (Spain).


Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Neutrals - Rent/Your House EP

We aren't the least bit neutral about Neutrals. No, we aren't talking about the Swiss or the Swedes. We are talking about the San Francisco band (with Glasgow roots) that knocked us on our collective asses last year with their debut album Kebab Disco (our feature here). The trio of Allan, Phil, and Phil are back again with a sharply written and socially pointed blast of jangling art punk titled Rent/Your House EP. The boys are concise -- the longest song is 3-1/2 minutes and three are under two minutes -- but their message is clear. These guys aren't the type to sit around and be quiet about problems.

Rent/Your House EP is available now in digital and vinyl formats. All profits from the sale of the EP will be donated to The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES) and Border Angels.  Good music for a good cause. Spend a bit of that money you saved not being able to go sit in the coffee shop the past month.

Bandcamp for EP

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Stay Inside: Songs From The Great Indoors

So simple, and so very good. Collecting songs from many of Australia's brightest indie lights, Stay Inside: Songs From The Great Indoors gives us great tunes to entertain us while we, well, stay inside. The album grows over the course of the month, adding a new song each day. So buy in to some terrific music at an oh-so-reasonable price. You'll be the coolest kid on the block, and certainly one of the happiest.


Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Yellow Melodies - Sunshine Pop EP1

We need optimism and sunshine more than ever these days, and we are determined to find it. Today's dose is delivered by The Yellow Melodies. Headed by the talented Rafa Skam, the band routinely crafts memorable indie pop tunes that tickle our ears and warm our hearts. This month brought their new record, Sunshine Pop EP1. Consisting of five tunes spanning midtempo burners and upbeat pop, it is a great way to underscore that spring has arrived and most of us may make it out of the global health crisis. The lyrics for the opener and closer are in Spanish, and the other three are in English. Although we will observe that the first song, a tribute to C86 indie pop bands, namechecks so many familiar bands that you don't need to understand Spanish to follow the song. And the closer is such a terrific song that we chose it as one of our representative tracks below.

The Yellow Melodies are Rafa Skam (vocals/guitars/arrangements/lyrics), Antonio Clares (bass/backing vocals), Carlos Abrisqueta (keys/guitars), Jose Angel (drums/percussion). Additional contributors were Norma Hamilton and Pepe Moreno.

Bandcamp for EP