Saturday, April 11, 2020

Turks & Caicos - Bad Situation EP

Chris at mighty little label Jigsaw has impeccable taste in music, knows much more about obscure quality bands than we ever will, and finds incredible pop albums from all over the world. Today we bring you his latest discovery from Indonesia,  Bad Situation EP by Turks & Caicos. The record offers five fuzzy bedroom pop tunes that provide a very pleasant listening experience.

And don't fret if you aren't in Portland, Oregon. Chris lives to serve your mail orders if you want physical copies.

Bandcamp for Bad Situation EP
Jigsaw Records

Friday, April 10, 2020

"Life is a Joke" by Love Sport

We surely can use good news at times like these. And today brings the announcement that Finnish band Love Sport will release And Justice For All on May 22 via Soliti. With the album announcement, we also have the first single - "Life's A Joke". The single strikes us as an instant classic with a chugging rhythm, ringing guitar, soaring vocals and biting lyrics. Cue it up and rock your Friday.

Love Sport are Teemu Tanner (lead vocals, guitar), Mikko Sulonen (guitar), Max Mäkinen (dums) and Aki Pohjankyrö (bass).

Bandcamp for "Life's A Joke"

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Boyracer - All Day Long EP

Stewart Anderson's Boyracer brand has been running for years (from the law, from fame and fortune, and possible from bill collectors) with various members. But count on the fact that the band - currently Stew and Christina - will churn out good music. More importantly at this time of too much isolation and too much quiet, Boyracer songs beg, no, they insist, on being played loud. Think of it as a way of sharing your good taste in music with your neighbors. Through the walls. I'm sure they will thank you, even if you can't hear them. Their latest effort is the All Day Long EP.  This EP was entirely written and recorded in three days, but the quality remains high. It is available now for 'name your price' from Emotional Response Records.

Bandcamp for All Day Long EP
Twitter for Emotional Response Records

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The Bell Streets - Monument

While trawling through the interwebs this week we encountered a recommendation for Monument by Australian band The Bell Streets. We must admit that our musical knowledge at the time didn't extend to that band. However, quick research led us to discover that we are quite familiar with their members. The duo are Josh Meadows and Nick Batterham. Josh's resume (with his brother) includes the incomparable Sugargliders, whose compilation of releases from the early '90s graced our pages in 2012 (here), as well as the 2013 EP they released as The Steinbecks (here) and that project's 2014 album Kick to Kick (here). As for Nick, whose credits include Blindside, The Earthmen, and Cordazine, we covered his solo album Lucky Cat in 2014 (here). With that background, we expected excellent music, and we were not disappointed. The album is packed with high quality jangle pop and indie tunes residing at the sophisticated end of the spectrum. Consider this album one of your better finds this month. And with most of us working from home, some new tunes to fill your earphones are just what the doctor ordered.

In playing the music for the album Nick and Josh enlisted the assistance of Kelly Day, Craig Mitchell, Joel Sprake, Phil McLeod, Jenny M. Thomas, and Adam Simmons. Monument is out now via Popboomerang.

Bandcamp for Monument

Peel Dream Magazine - Agitiprop Alterna

Good dreampop provides a soundtrack for visualizing someone else's well conceived version of a dream. It seems to us that Joe Stevens of Peel Dream Magazine takes a deeper dive and puts the listener in the dream. Our first taste of his approach was his album of a couple years ago, Modern Meta Physic. The new Agitprop Alterna further refines the in-dream approach. Just as our dreams give us scenes from our lives, or from our imagination, manipulated or skewed and  then only partially remembered, Peel Dream Magazine gives us songs reflecting music from the '90s, altered, spliced, and blurred as if the listener is hearing a playback of the remembered portions of last night's dream. Pleasant memories will be evoked, but not always distinctly. Best not to overthink it, just go with the flow. And make no mistake, the beating heart of this album is a dreamy flow embellished by sweetly-sung male/female vocals. For prospective fans desirous of a reference point, consider Stereolab with a good dose of Velvet Underground influence. A very  intriguing and pleasant listen that we keep going back to.

For this album Peel Dream Magazine are Joe Stevens, Jo-Anne Hyun, Brian Alvarez, and Kelly Winrich. Agitprop Alterna is out now via Slumberland Records.

Bandcamp for Agitprop Alterna
Slumberland Records page for Agitprop Alterna

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Snowy Band - Audio Commentary

Liam "Snowy" Halliwell's musical chops are beyond question. Writing and performing with The Ocean Party and other bands, producing, mixing and mastering -- he excels at it all. And now his own baby, Snowy Band, has its very own album. Titled Audio Commentary, the LP consists of 11 tracks of impeccably crafted pop, embracing folk and jazz elements. Unsurprisingly, the uptempo songs such as "Never Change", "The Rest of Your Life" and "More Than Enough" hit the sweet spot immediately. But equally impressive and very satisfying are the sparsely adorned, quieter songs like "East West", my new favorite "Coast Road", and the superb "Love You To Death". The emotions are raw and palpable, and the band delivers the materials with nuance and skill. Moreover, Snowy plays the sax on "Coast Road", which makes it one of our favorites. We have provided two of each below for your own evaluation, but be assured we could have chosen others.

Snowy could have played it safe and offered up 11 delectable pop tunes. He didn't, and that enriches the rest of us. The album is a triumph.

Snowy Band are Liam Halliwell (vocals/guitar/other), Emma Russack (vocals/guitar), Nathalie Pavlovic (vocals/bass), and Dylan Young (vocals/drums). Audio Commentary is out now via Osborne Again and Spunk Records.

Bandcamp for album