Saturday, March 14, 2020

"Things I Do When I'm Alone" by Melby

Melby's 2019 debut album None of This Makes Me Worry was the triumph that those of us who had followed them since 2016 expected. Yet their new single "Things I Do When I'm Alone" suggests that the Stockholm four-piece have even more talent yet to be revealed. The single is a layered and nuanced folk pop tune with a superb vocal contribution by Matilda. In our opinion, it may be the best song we have heard to date from this band.

Melby are Matilda Wiezell (vocals/keys), Are Engen Steinsholm (guitar/backing vocals), David Jehrlander (bass), and Teo Jemkvist (drums). "Things I Do When I'm Alone" is out now via Rama Lama Records and Sinnbus.

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Friday, March 13, 2020

Mystery Guest - Octagon City

What fuels WYMA evenings these days? The one clear answer is Octagon City. The creation of Melbourne's Mystery Guest, this is club music for the chill crowd, pop for the anti-pop crowd, and we have been using it to wow our own not-so-mysterious guests for several weeks. Appealing female vocals ride low key club melodies, world beat rhythms, and deep, rubbery bass. Sweet and alluring, we consider it one of our more delightful discoveries in some time. Hit the Bandcamp link below and let Mystery Guest brighten you late night hours.

Mystery Guest is a duo consisting of Patrick Telfer and Caitlyn Lesiuk, with backing vocals from Joel Carey, percussion by James Mannix, bass by Zachary Schneider (who also recorded this album), marimba by Zac Milner-Creteny, and trumpet by Joel Robertson. Octagon City is out now in digital and cassette formats via Tenth Court.

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Islet - Eyelet

Islet makes music like no one else. And that is a bid sad, because the world certainly needs more music like Eyelet, the Welsh trio's new album. But on the other hand, its rarity makes this album that much more of an extra special journey of discovery. It is experimental indie pop, but that label drastically fails to convey inventive spirit, the breadth of ideas, and the sheer beauty of the music. Inspired by literature, history, politics and personal events, the album is, in turn, inspiring for the listener. You may not have heard of Islet before today, and that is OK. Just don't let tomorrow dawn without having heard their music.

Islet are Emma Daman Thomas, Mark Daman Thomas, and Alex Williams. Eyelet is out now in vinyl, CD, and digital formats via Fire Recordings.

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Thursday, March 12, 2020

"Videostores" by Quivers

We were nearly quivering with excitement at the news that Melbourne's Quivers were going to tour the US, including a stop at one of our favorite Seattle venues, despite SXSW being cancelled. However, today brings the sad news that the increasing spread of the Coronavirus and resulting shut down of shows and gatherings has caused the band to postpone their trip.

But we aren't the types to waste a good quiver, so we are pleased to present Quivers' first single of the new decade, the nostalgia-washed "Videostores". The underlying theme of the song addresses the fear of falling in love and the relief in finally taking the plunge. It is out now as a digital release via Hotel Motel Records.

Quivers are Sam Nicholson, Bella Quinlan, Holly Thomas, and Michael Panton. Phil McPhee provided keys and synth.

Hotel Motel Records

"Dystopian Sci-fi / Six Feet Over" by Little Hands of Asphalt

Folk pop project Little Hands of Asphalt is new to us, but on the strength of the project's new single "Dystopian Sci-fi / Six Feet Over" we are very interested in checking out the forthcoming third album Half Empty. The band was formed by songwriter and producer Sjur Lyseid as his solo project, although he works with other musicians for recording and performing his songs.

"Dystopian Sci-fi / Six Feet Over" is out now as a digital release. Half Empty will be released March 27 via Fika Recordings, Furuberget, and Friend of Mine Records.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

"Nowhere to Be Seen" by Martin Frawley

Martin Frawley, co-founder of the late Melbourne band Twerps, has released his first new music since the February 2019 album Undone At 31. An appealing tune about one of life's foibles that affects everyone with friends, it presents Martin at his melodic, unassuming best.

The single is released via Merge Records.

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"Kafuku's Wife" by RULES

Our musical day begins with the melancholy synth pop gem "Kafuku's Wife" by Helsinki, Finland's RULES. A duo formed by Iiti Yli-Harja (music/vocals) and Sarra Keppola (lyircs/backing vocals/synths), they are the most recent signing to Soliti Music. Drumming was provided by producer Oskari Halsti. The guest guitarist was Esa Pottonen.

The song provides an alternative perspective on the short story Drive My Car by Haruki Murakami, and the theme combines beautifully with the music to capture the sense of loss and search for meaning.


Tuesday, March 10, 2020

"Shallows Shadows" by Locked Hands

We must admit that we normally would dismiss a message advising us that the band's new song was   "dictated ... by a sinister apparition in a three piece suit over a Brexit breakfast paid for with fake commemorative 50p coins". However, Sean Ormsby has, to our knowledge, ever lied to us, whether has Locked Hands or one of his other projects. So here is "Shallows Shadows", available as a digital release via Errant Media. It crackles with sinister energy, delivered with a sly smile.

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Sunday, March 8, 2020

"Never Change" by Snowy Band

We spent the day on snow, gliding on skinny skis in the sunshine. It was a great way to spend the day. However, all that snow reminded us that we are tardy in sharing the newest track from the Audio Commentary, the upcoming album by Snowy Band. What we expect from this album is top class indie pop, and I assure you that is what we will receive. While listening to "Never Change" you can pre-order the album. But you cannot order the limited edition blue vinyl, because it is already sold out.

Snowy Band consists of Liam Halliwell (vocals/guitar/others), Emma Russack (vocals/guitar), Nathalie Pavlovic (vocals/bass), and Dylan Young (vocals/drums).

Osborne Again site to order album (Bandcamp)
Spunk Records page to order album