Friday, November 15, 2019

Sprinters - Struck Gold

It probably takes a good bit of confidence to write a batch of songs, and name the collection Struck Gold while recording them. But Neil Jarvis did just that for the second album by his project Sprinters. So we have Neil's opinion about the songs that his Manchester-based band has created, and now the listeners can weigh in. After living with this album for a few weeks, our verdict is: Sprinters have struck gold.

As the daylight hours become shorter, the skies grayer, and the rain more frequent, one thing we have been able to count on is the feeling of hazy sunshine on our shoulders and a good dose of serotonin every time we listen to this album. The title track opens the proceedings with a strutting riff borrowed from "Brimful of Asha", and then unspools down a trail of guitar pop and surf with a wash of melancholy for added depth. We previously featured single "3s & 4s" (link), a true showcase song. But we don't need to repeat it here because there are so many highlights in this ten-track set. For example, we are completely spellbound by "The Light", a slow tempo wash of liquid gold the infuses us with the same wonderful feelings that we heard the first time we heard late '60s AM hit "Grazing In The Grass" by Friends Of Distinction (despite the two songs having little in common other than a 100 percent feelgood factor), although we could understand others drawing a more direct line to The Rascals' "Groovin On A Sunday Afternoon". "Undone" features ringing shoegaze. "Demolition" slays us with a beautiful guitar line and a palpable melancholy. Currently, our most repeated song is "It's Gone". If you are a fan of guitar pop, this album is a 'must' addition to your musical library.

Struck Gold is out today via Meritorio Records.

Bandcamp for Struck Gold
Meritorio Records

Thursday, November 14, 2019

"Editing" by Johnny Kills

Our friends Johnny Kills are releasing an EP named Panic on November 20, which happens to be just in time for our holiday shopping. These boys are very thoughtful. So thoughtful, in fact, that the EP's closing track, "Editing", is available right now! Check it out below. We think it is ace.

Johnny Kills are Tim Lloyd-Kinnings, Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings, and Cameron Gipp. Panic will be released via Killing Moon.

Various links to buy/stream "Editing"

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Program - Show Me

Another day, another good band from Melbourne. Does that leave us jaded? Hell no! It makes us jazzed, jacked and pumped. We've been grooving all afternoon to Show Me, the latest nine-track wonder by Program. The songs feature the breeziness and crunch of California indie rock, the propulsive drive and jangle of New Zealand guitar pop and the understated charm and wry observations that have characterized Melbourne bands in this decade. And they add up to an impressive, and very satisfying, debut album. We know that some or all of members have other musical projects (including The Stroppies), but we hope they find the time to keep this one going as well.

Program are Johno Brewin (guitar/vocals), Rory Heane (guitar/vocals), James Kane (bass/guitar), Jessie Fernandez (bass/keys), and James Tyrrell (drums). Show Me is out now via Anti-Fade Records.

Bandcamp for Show Me
Anti Fade Records on Facebook

Joy Cleaner - You're So Jaded

Just like our sports watches and iPhones, we at WYMA often need an energy recharge in the middle of the work week. And there is no use in fighting the feeling -- the only solution is to search through our recent intake file an find what we need. So please give a warm welcome to this week's Wednesday energy special: You're So Jaded by New Jersey's Joy Cleaner. Brewing a thumping aural concoction of power pop and '90s alt rock, this band creates songs that are free-wheeling, punchy and thoroughly addictive. This 10-track is their sophomore LP, and it builds on their strengths with a further sharpening of their power pop chops. We can find true joy in the classics, and rocking tracks of You're So Jaded deliver a mega dose.

Joy Cleaner are Joey DeGroot, Kyle Wilkerson, and Justin Grabosky. You're So Jaded is out now in digital, CD and vinyl formats via Portland's Jigsaw Records.

Bandcamp for You're So Jaded

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Failed Flowers - Faces 7"

One of the current treasures of the indie pop world is Slumberland Records' singles series. Today we as sharing with you Faces. The record is a two-song 7" by Failed Flowers, the on-again/off-again project currently consisting of Miles Haney, Fred Thomas, Anna Burch, and Erin Davis. The title track is a sweet rush of Sarah Records/Cloudberry fuzz and melody. B-side "Broken Screen" boasts a split personalty consisting of a garage opener and an jangling finish. Get it in vinyl or digital, and make yourself happy.

Slumberland Records page for single

Monday, November 11, 2019

Blue Tiles - Melancholitronica

Melancholitronica is constructed of contrasts: The vocal style of Stephen McLaren with the vocal style of Sean Ormsby; icy electronica and brisk percussion with warm synth textures; earthy male vocals with angelic choruses; and melancholy with bright, aural colors. The creators are Blue Tiles, a Edinburgh duo formerly known as Shards, and they have spent a long time creating a synth pop that should satisfy the listener for an equally long time. While a few of the songs could grace the dance floor, in the main this album aims for the head, not the feet. And while that strikes us as a trickier target, Blue Tiles doesn't appear to break into a sweat in scoring a direct hit. It challenges and relaxes, and always delights

Blue Tiles are Stephen McLaren and Sean Ormsby, with vocal assistance on "Headland" by Sarrah McLaren. Melancholitronica is released via Errant Media, presumably after protracted negotiations between artists McLaren and Ormsby with label honchos Ormsby and McLaren.

Bandcamp for Melancholitronica
Twitter for Errant Media