Friday, August 9, 2019

"Timebomb" (feat. Lisa Mychols) by SUPER 8

Pop maven Paul Ryan, aka SUPER 8 is offering you a name-your-price slice of summer power pop to super8charge your weekend.  Unusual for a  SUPER 8 recording, Paul is handling the instruments and production, but has handed the mic to the talented Lisa Mychols.  You can grab "Timebomb" from Bandcamp, but don't miss watching the fun video -- those clay creatures worked very hard.

Bandcamp for "Timebomb"

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Mark Mulcahy - Gus

Here at WYMA we don't just feature music that we select from submissions, we do the hard gumshoe work of sifting through vast amounts of music that no one has chosen to send us, looking for gems worthy of your attention.  And while so engaged we discovered Gus.  No, we aren't talking about your cousin Gus, the one who always plays practical jokes on your mom and is offended when no one thinks he is funny.  We mean the new album by Mark Mulcahy.  Mark was, and we guess still is, the frontman for Miracle Legion.  But more recently he has focused his creative efforts on solo albums, one of which we featured in 2013 (link).  As demonstrated by the songs on Gus, Mulcahy combines a singer songwriter approach to crafting colorfully illustrated stories.  The arrangements vary from rolling rockers to an edgy Americana.  The melodies are entertaining and the performances enthusiastic and energetic.  This album is a triumph well deserving of your ears based on songwriting alone.  But it is so much more.

Gus is out now via Mezzotint.

Bandcamp for Gus

The Black Watch - Magic Johnson

The Black Watch is the long-running musical project of California English professor, painter, and author John Andrew Fredrick. This past June Fredrick released both a career retrospective and a new set of songs titled Magic Johnson. Consisting of a generous 16 songs reflecting Fredrick's appreciation for British psychedelic rock and Flying Nun guitar pop of from the '80s, and his love of guitars, Magic Johnson continues the band's run of engaging and satisfying albums.  In style, the album seems both nostalgic and fresh -- the latter quality perhaps attributable to the enthusiasm of Fredrick and his mates as well as their restraint in weaving elements from their influences. You really owe it to your ears to check out this album at the Bandcamp link below.

In addition to Fredrick, the players on Magic Johnson are Chris Rackard (bass), Andy Creighton (guitar), and Rick Woodard (drums). The album is out now via ATOM Records.

John Andrew Fredrick's website
Bandcamp for Magic Johnson
ATOM Records

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Hannah Barberas - Dial H For Hannah Barberas

London fourpiece The Hannah Barberas have given you a couple of months to digest their Spring release compiling their EPs to date (our feature here).  But knowing that you all have the attention of fruit flies, they have wisely decided to dangle another bright, shiny piece of music near your ears. So on September 6 we can all welcome Dial H For Hannah Barberas.  Take a couple of the six tracks for a test drive below -- you'll be glad you did.

And why are we telling you about the EP a month ahead of time? First, because you can stream and pre-order now, so there is no reason to wait.  Second, while the number of digital copies presumably is unlimited, the CD version is very limited and only a few remain available.

The Hannah Barberas are Damien, Lucy, Doug, and Matthew.  The EP is released via Subjangle Records.

Bandcamp for Dial H for Hannah Barberas

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

"Mystery Man" by The Echo Session

Tam Maher (vocals/guitar), Alistair Morrow (guitar/vocals) Stuart Morran (bass/vocals, and Ryan Rimkus (drums/vocals) are The Echo Session.  In the mid-'00s the Glasgow band recorded a number of songs that, save a few, were never released.  Their fans have been hoping for almost 15 years that this omission would be rectified.  Some of us joined in the hope in 2016 when the Flowers In The Dustbin label ("FITD") released a couple of the songs.  We are happy to report that the album, titled Wait And See (the "wait" in the title might seem ironic, but the album is named after the closing track), will be released October 25 in digital and CD formats.  The full release will be preceded by a single release of "Mystery Man", the album's second track.  A note-perfect '60s/British Invasion-style tune, the single draws you into the world of The Echo Session.  Garage pop, '80s British guitar pop and British Invasion are on offer, fresh, genuine and blessedly uncomplicated.  We will have more to say about the entire album closer to October, but for your Tuesday treat, here is "Mystery Man".

Wait And See will be released via FITD, which in our view is a superb label.  An indication of their quality is demonstrated by their 10-year retrospective, Under the Paving Stones (our feature here).

Bandcamp for Wait and See
Flowers in the Dustbin - Website
Flowers in the Dustbin - Facebook
Flowers in the Dustbin - Twitter

Monday, August 5, 2019

Lachlan Denton & Studio Magic - A Brother

So you need to ask yourself, do you cry or do you smile.  It is a hard but fair question -- we have asked the same question of ourselves when we play A Brother.  The reason for tears is obvious.  Lachlan Denton's brother Zach -- younger sibling, friend, bandmate, and talented musician involved in several bands -- suddenly died last year.  This wasn't one of these rock star flame out deaths, but rather, if we understand correctly, a medical condition involving a cranial cyst (it hits home, our main writer has a cranial cyst).  Zach died, his musical contributions ceased, and Lachlan lost a brother.

But the case for smiling is strong.  Lachlan Denton & Studio Magic, a collaborative effort between Lachlan and friends and other bandmates of the brothers, has produced an album of remarkable quality. Consisting of nine original compositions and a closing cover of "Spat Out" from Zach's Hobby Farm project, A Brother presents a poignant and at times heartbreaking  remembrance of Zach Denton, wrapped up in some of the most beautiful songs you will hear this year.  Nicely balanced between soft, reflective tunes and the sort of breezy up-tempo numbers we recall from The Ocean Party, it is a terrific listen every time through.  There is sadness and love, and we can't think of a finer tribute to Zach.

Life is complicated, and the best music reflects the complications and conflicts, the memories and losses.  So do we cry, or do we smile? Our choice thanks to A Brother: We smile through the tears

In addition to Lachlan, Studio Magic are Ambrin Hasnain, Dainis Lacey, Liam Halliwell, Roe Kean, Anila Hasnain. A Brother is out now via Osborne Again Music, Spunk Records and Bobo Intregal.

Bandcamp for A Brother
Label page for LP