Friday, August 2, 2019

The Vapour Trails - See You In The Next World

The Aberdeen, Scotland of 2019 is a long way, chronologically and geographically, from 1960s California.  But the debut album by Aberdeen's The Vapour Trails bridges that gap with remarkable agility.  Cue up See You In The Next World, close your eyes, and you are transported to the world of The Byrds, West Coast folk rock, and Laurel Canyon.  Chiming and jangling guitars and psychedelic washes combine with endearing melodies and sweet harmonies.  Perfectly timed for your last month of beach trips and backyard picnics, this is a summertime treat for your ears.

The Vapour Trails are Scott Robertson, Kevin Robertson, Nicholas Mackie, Andrew Crossan, and Kenny Munro.  See You In The Next World is out now in CD and digital formats via Futureman Records.

Bandcamp for See You In The Next World

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Young Guv - Guv I

We are such nice guys that we composed a shopping list for your Friday.  Here it is: Guv I.  Did you write that down? Good.

Now, for those of you that need a bit of an explanation, Guv I is the latest recording from Toronto-to-New York musician Ben Cook, aka Young Guv.  Consisting of eight tracks of  melodic, peppy power pop that are perfectly written and performed.  Some may expend effort trying to tell us that this album is a throwback to '70s Big Star or '90s Teenage Fanclub or The Posies, but we think that is missing the forest for the trees.  These songs are timeless pop music -- earworms that would have thrilled you a decade ago and a decade from now just as much as they will thrill you today.  And thrill you, they will.  That's their job, and they do they business like a pro.

Guv I is out via Run For Cover Records.

Run For Cover Records page for Guv I

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

"Visions At The Stars" by Spinning Coin

Finally, Glasgow's Spinning Coin are back with a release.  Well, almost back with a release.  The two-song 7" Visions At The Stars actually won't be released until August 30, which is nearly two years after their excellent album Permo (our feature here).  However, the A-side is available to tickle your music receptors right now with the breezy guitar pop that earns "favorite" status around WYMA headquarters.  Apparently, we will need to wait a month to hear B-side "Not A Dream".

Spinning Coin are Sean Armstrong (vocals/guitar), Jack Mellin (vocals/guitar), Rachel Taylor (bass/vocals), and Chris White (drums).  Visions At The Stars will be released in digital and vinyl formats via the Geographic Music imprint of Domino Record Company

Various sites to stream Visions At The Stars

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Possible Humans - Everybody Split (August repress)

We usually don't revisit our posts, but we are making an exception for Everybody Split, the 2019 album by Australian band Possible Humans. When we covered the album earlier in the year it was available in Australia and New Zealand via Hobbies Galore, but did not have the backing of a North American label. However, Trouble In Mind (which has made a major and appreciated effort to bring good Australian and New Zealand bands to North American ears) is releasing Everybody Split on August 2.  So none of you Northern Hemisphere possible humans miss your second chance at a very good album, here is a reprise of our feature:

The world is full of possibilities, and promise inherent in that fact seems to be the fuel for the creative impulses of Melbourne's Possible Humans.  On Everybody Split, their new album, the five piece digs deep into intriguing guitar jams that adroitly walk the tightrope between guitar pop and free form rock.  With riffs neatly balancing hooks, and the urgency of tracks like "Stinger" balanced by the psychedelic pop of "Born Stoned" (almost 12 minutes long, and worth every second of your time), the alleged homo sapiens seem about as far away from corporate rock as you can get, and they do it with joy, skill and a lack of pretense.

The five guys that are Possible Humans are Leon Cranswick, Samuel Tapper, Steve Hewitt, Adam Hewitt, and Mark Hewitt.

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Bandcamp for Everybody Split
Trouble In Mind Records page for Everybody Split

James Clarke Five - Parlour Sounds

Good music, good fun: Parlour Sounds by the James Clarke Five.  Calling to mind great British guitar pop of The Kinks and their contemporaries, perhaps the exuberant pop of Emmit Rhodes, and Mods such as The Jam, it is the project of James Hughes.  James also was a member of The Cherry Boys in the '80s -- a band that deserved a longer career.  Summer isn't over in the Northern Hemisphere, and Parlour Sounds clearly is a summer album. Dive in to the Kinksian opener, followed by the soulful '70s rock swing of "Rock and Roll (Took Me to the River)".  "Under Your Skin" lives up to its name, and as a bonus it invades your brain like the proper earworm that it is.  This is music played with a smile and plenty of pep, and it will be received the same way by the listener.

Parlour Sounds is out now in digital and CD formats via This Is Beautiful Music.

Bandcamp for Parlour Sounds
Label page for Parlour Sounds

Monday, July 29, 2019

Strange Ranger - Remembering the Rockets

Strange Ranger continue their journey.  Physically, the band was formed in Montana, relocated to Portland, Oregon and then, again, to Philadelphia.  Musically, for their third album Remembering The Rockets the band has transitioned from a more emo approach to a broader guitar pop/melodic alternative rock sound.  For our tastes, the music offered on the current album is quite appealing.  The rhythm section is robust and the guitars and keys swirl brightly.  And while the lyrical content can be melancholy, the overall vibe is warm, welcoming, and invariably melodic.  We are particularly taken with the opening track, "Leona", and "Sunday", which reminds us of The Cure.  Treat your ears some Strange Ranger, they likely will thank you.

Remembering The Rockets is out now via Tiny Engines.

Bandcamp for Remembering the Rockets
Tiny Engines

"Change of Heart" by Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes

The only complaint we have regarding Swedish four-piece Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes is that they are taking a long, long time to release a debut album.  However, we understand that this flaw will be rectified soon.  And based on the evidence provided by new single "Change of Heart", the care the band takes in crafting their music probably tells us why the first album has taken so long.  What a great way to begin a Monday!

Steve Buscemi's Dreamy Eyes are Siri Sjöberg, Tilde Hansen, Lias Mahfoud, and Edvin Arleskär.  "Change of Heart" is out as a digital release via Rama Lama Records.

Bandcamp for "Change of Heart"
Various links for "Change of Heart"