Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Proctors - Letters to the Girl / Footsteps

Sure, the Letters to the Girl 7" by The Proctors isn't released until next Friday.  But with the vinyl edition limited to 250 copies, we are obliged to advise you that you might want to consider purchasing sooner rather than later.  Of course, it will be available in digital format as well, and you should be proud to own it in either case.  The single begins with the title track, with the rush of sound and jangle that we expect and love from The Proctors.  B-side "Footsteps" has a wonderfully atmospheric dream pop vibe that suggests that this record really is a double A-side.  Your favorite will depend on your mood at the moment, but there is no wrong choice.

The Proctors are Gavin Priest, Margaret Calleja, Phil Guest, Lisa Bouvier, and Thomas Aherne.  Letters to the Girl 7" is available via Shelflife Records.

Shelflife Records
Bandcamp for Letters to the Girl 7"

Friday, July 19, 2019

Theatre Royal - Singles 2010-18

We like being hip and knowing a lot about the world of indie rock. We even like pretending that we are hip and know a lot about the world of indie rock, even when our knowledge lags behind our ambition.  But we aren't going to pretend here -- until a couple of days ago we were unfamiliar with Theatre Royal.  However, a chance viewing of some commentary on our Twitter feed (including a recommendation by Wally of The Beautiful Music label link), let us to one of our more delightful discoveries lately.  So we would like to share with you the most excellent Singles 2010-18, a collection of 22 songs released by the band between ... well, you just read the title, so you know.

Wielding two guitars and boasting an aggressive rhythm section, this four-piece dishes out classic up-tempo west coast rock adorned with sweet harmonies.  We have been playing it repeatedly since we found the Bandcamp link, and we highly recommend that you do the same. The only aspect of this record that makes us sad is that we have gone almost an entire decade no listening to a band that would have been one of our favorites had we known.  We will make amends.

The good lads of Theatre Royal are Oliver, Robert, Jon, and Bendan.  Singles 2010-18 is out now in digital and CD formats.

Bandcamp for Singles 2010-18

Thursday, July 18, 2019

"Smoke You Right Out Of Here" by David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights

Whether you want good news or not, we are delivering good news: David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights will release a new album titled Bobbie's A Girl in September.  Of course, David is well-known as guitarist and co-founder of seminal Dunedin, New Zealand band The Clean.  But he also has had a notable musical career outside of The Clean, with solo albums as well as recording with others as David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights.  The new album will consist of ten tracks, and you need wait no more to hear number two - "Smoke You Right Out Of Here".

In addition to David Kilgour, the members of the band are Thomas Bell, Tony de Raad, and Taane Tokona.  Bobbie's A Girl will be out in digital, CD and vinyl formats on September 20 via Merge Records.

Bandcamp for Bobbie's A Girl
Merge Records page for Bobbie's A Girl
Various links to pre-order Bobbie's A Girl

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Subshine - Easy Window

Ole Gunnar Gundersen writes and performs as Subshine after a stint as singer and songwriter of Lorraine.  A series of singles now leads to his debut album, Easy Window.  If you are experiencing summer (or just wishing you were experiencing summer) and are in love, this is a very good album for you right now.  In fact, if you aren't in love right now these songs may help you feel as if you were in love, and it is hard to buy that feeling any other way that is legal.

The songs are melodic, hopeful, romantic and superbly crafted.  There is a nice balance between the slower paced ballads and the upbeat tunes that likely will prompt a dance step or two.  But even in the latter arrangements, Gundersen eschews the au currant 'big drop' and sticks with the classic electro pop approach we all loved in past decades.  If some of these songs remind you of New Order, you won't be alone, and certainly won't be disappointed.  It is an enjoyable, 'feel-good' listen, and we like pulling it out frequently to recharge the positive vibes.

Easy Window is out in vinyl, digital and CD formats via Norwegian label Apollon Records.

Apollon Records
Twitter (Apollon Records)

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Kool Aid - Family Portrait EP

In the past we have featured several compilations and individual records released by Christchurch collective Melted Ice Cream, so we didn't have any hesitation in diving in when we discovered the new Family Portrait EP by Melted Ice Cream super band Kool Aid.  The members are Jamie Stratton, Violet French, Luke Towart, Ben Dodd, Brian Feary, and Spencer Hall, many or all of whom have played on other recordings featured here.  The six tracks here range from free-wheeling indie rock to breezy summer psychedelia.  Short? Perhaps, but it makes a big impression.

Bandcamp Family Portrait EP
Melted Ice Cream

Trash Kit - Horizon

Trash Kit are not one of those bands that produce an album or two a year, but the pace of their output is due to he application of creative energy to the multiple other projects in which its members are engaged rather than a lack of creative energy.  We think all those varied musical experiences combine to great effect, and the proof is right before us in Horizon, their third album and their first since 2014.  The music here is surging, adventuresome, and brightly colored.  Rachel Aggs' intricate, African-influenced guitar certainly is a notable element, but is only one of the many highlights.  The instrumentation is varied and detailed (with assistance from several contributors) and the melodies sparkle.  The vocals are interesting both for the lyrical content and the presentation, with call and response, speak-sing and interrogatives providing immediacy and impact.  The template is simple -- find a groove, work it well and decorate it with flair.  The results are stunning and oh so pleasurable.

The members of Trash Kit are Rachel Aggs (guitar/vocals), Rachel Horwood (drums/vocals), and Gil Partington (bass).  Horizon is out now via London label Upset the Rhythm.

Trash Kit's blog
Upset the Rhythm page for vinyl and CD formats

Monday, July 15, 2019

"Club DZ" by Acid Arab

As fans of Acid Arab, the dudes that bring middle eastern and Parisian club music together in intoxicating fashion, we are thrilled that they have announce a new album.  Jdid will be available in October via label Crammed Discs.  Our first hint of the upcoming album is the thumping "Club DZ".  Start your week out with a great tune!

Acid Arab originally consisted of Guido Minisky and Herve Carvalho.  Their roster now includes Pierrot Casanova, Nicholas Borne, and Kenzi Bourras, as well.

Various links to buy/stream "Club DZ"
Bandcamp for pre-order of Jdid