Friday, July 12, 2019

"Roll With Me" by Young Guv

What may be the top power pop album of the summer will arrive on August 2.  The title is Guv I, and it is the latest full length by Toronto's Ben Cook, aka Young Guv.  Known for his work in F'cked Up and No Warning, Cook has issued albums, EPs and singles as Young Guv for a decade and that project remains our favorite version of the musician.  Take the album for a test drive with the new digital single "Roll With Me". 

Guv I will be released via Run For Cover Records

Various links to buy/stream "Roll With Me"
Bandcamp for Guv I
Pre-Order page for Guv I in vinyl at Run for Cover Records

Thursday, July 11, 2019

"I'll Go Home" by Campfires

Our inbox has been crowded lately with excellent albums that deserve our attention, but we frequently are distracted by terrific singles that demand repeated listens.  One jewel that hit our ears this week is "I'll Go Home" by Campfires.  The song has a '60s folk rock/British Invasion vibe with jangling, twanging guitars and sweet vocals.  It is so good that it made us sad that Campfires' latest album was in 2013, but we brightened up again when our research department advised us that "I'll Go Home" is taken from new album, Fare Trax, which will be released August 30 via Fire Talk.

Campfires is the project of Jeff Walls, who resides in Portland, Oregon.  Fare Trax will be available in digital and vinyl formats.

Bandcamp Fare Trax
Label page to order Fare Trax

Various Artists - The Moon and Back

UK record label wiaiwya ("where it's at is where you are") is a treasure.  All the labels we follow choose good artists and release quality music -- if they didn't, we wouldn't follow them.  But wiaiwya is one of the labels that does some additional things we love, such as their single series that features the work of both established artists/bands and, sometimes, interesting one-off collaborations of artist/bands. Also worthy of praise are their compilations.  As a matter of fact, we are writing this feature today to alert you to one of those compilations: The Moon And Back - One Small Step For Global Pop.  Inspired by and celebrating the Apollo 11 adventure to the moon, the album consists of 38 tracks from some of the most loved indie pop artists in the solar system.  We won't give you a run down, because there are too many to cover in a fair manner, but also because one of the joys of this album is wandering through the tracks and thrilling to new music by your favorite artists and new music by new favorite artists.  As music writers, we are familiar with many pop musicians, but we still discovered new people and bands to follow.  So without further preamble, we will prime the pump with a few tracks, and then send you to Bandcamp to embark on your own adventure.

Bandcamp for album

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

"Distance" by Matveï

Time for some travelling music for our evening commute, and the spot of honor goes to "Distance" by Montreal-based Frenchman Matveï.  The euphoric house track features delightful and unexpected accents and features vocals by UK singer Alyss.  The producer's debut EP will be available later this year via French label Kitsune.


"Message To You" Strange Ranger

When sifting through submissions for songs to feature, one that stood out is "Message To You" by Strange Ranger.  It is taken from their upcoming album, Remembering The Rockets, which will be out on July 26 via Tiny Engines.  If this track is any indication, the album will be very good.

Strange Ranger are Isaac, Fred, Nathan, and Fiona. The band was formed in Bozeman, Montana, but now resides in Philadelphia.

Bandcamp for Remembering The Rockets
Tiny Engines

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

"Bizzo And Tophat" by Terry

We have been fans of Melbourne band Terry for a long time (our first post about them was in January 2016).  However, we just discovered that they have a new EP titled Who's Terry coming out next week via UK label Upset the Rhythm.  This band's music has a completely captivating sound suggesting Television Personalities masquerading as The Kinks.  But with an Australian accent.  Check out one of the EP's tracks below, and mark your calendars for July 19.  Better yet, just pre-order at the link below.

Upset The Rhythm page to pre-order Who's Terry

Charcoal Burners - The Best Day You Could Imagine

The best day you could imagine? Well, everyone needs to determine that for themselves.  But we suggest that we all are having a pretty good day when an album as good as The Best Day You Could Imagine is available for 'name your price' on Bandcamp. The record is the creation of the generous souls comprising Charcoal Burners, a Dunedin, New Zealand indie rock trio.  The sound is big and deep, with bottomless bass and cavernous drums.  The guitar work is excellent, sometimes joining the rhythm section's wall of sound and, at other times, slashing away in '90s alt rock fashion. The Best Day You Could Imagine is twelve tracks of deeply satisfying rock that deserves to be played loud and often.

Charcoal Burners are Andrew Spittle (guitar/vocals), Sally Lonie (bass/vocals), Finn (drums).  The members of the band have a long and productive history, and you can view past records at the last Bandcamp link below.

Bandcamp for The Best Day You Could Imagine
Bandcamp for other records

The Martial Arts - I Used To Be The Martial Arts

For exercise of the noncompetitive sort, we tend to run or cycle.  However, today we give time to the martial arts.  No, we aren't going to hit anyone (although we probably could compile a list of worthy targets without much trouble).  Our focus is on the latest solo release by Glasgow's Paul Kelly, whose project is named The Martial Arts.  Paul keeps busy participating in other projects such as BMX Bandits, Dr. Cosmos Tape Lab, Teen Canteen, and Carla J. Easton, but he has now delivered the I Used To Be The Martial Arts EP for our summer pleasure.  Consisting of four songs, the EP delivers perfectly crafted upbeat pop melodies, packed with hooks and ample detail to delight our ears and move our feet.  Check out the glammy "New Performance" below, and then head to the label page for the EP or your favorite digital outlet.

 I Used To Be The Martial Arts is out now via Last Night From Glasgow.

Last Night From Glasgow page for EP
Bandcamp for previous releases

Monday, July 8, 2019

The BV's - Cartography

One of the blog writing activities we most enjoy is alerting our readers about music they might not otherwise hear.  We think Cartography by The BV's may be a good example.  The band consists of Fred and Josh, and they list their locations as Falmouth and Ausburg, and according to our ears their musical creations span jangle pop, shoegaze and dream pop.  This is a very good set of songs, and we think it deserves your attention.  Check out a few tracks below and, if you like them, check out the Bandcamp link.

Cartography is out now via Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten. The vinyl and CD versions are sold out, but you still can download a digital copy.

Bandcamp for Cartography

Sunday, July 7, 2019

"Lift Off" by Parsnip

Melbourne's Parsnip probably has given more than a little thought as to how to give a bit of polish and shine to the announcement that they are going to release When The Tree Bears Fruit, their debut LP, at the end of August.  It seems to us that they have hit it on the nose with the announcement that they have signed to Trouble In Mind Records and then shared the lead single, "Lift Off".  A shaggy, youthful sounding summer jam, the song should indeed lift off everyone's expectations for the album.

Parsnip is Paris Richens, Carolyn Hawkins, Stella Rennex, and Rebecca Liston.  Note that for fans in Australia and New Zealand,  will be available via Anti Fade Records.

Bandcamp for "Lift Off"
Bandcamp for pre-order of When The Tree Bears Fruit
TroubleIn Mind Records