Friday, June 28, 2019

"The Highway Again" by Remington Super 60

We begin each day exactly at 'blog 30'. Blog 30 is a moving target based on a complicated formula involving the amount of sleep in the previous night, the level of coffee consumed and, if it is a day ending in "y", finalization of the plans for beer later in the day.  So, dear readers, please be advised that we have arrived at today's Beer 30.

In our first post of the day we bring to you the shiny new single "The Highway Again" by Norwegian pop group Remington Super 60.  Evoking thoughts of driving through the fantastic Norwegian countryside on a summer day, the melody and vocals wash over us like a gentle breeze.  The song is available as a digital release; check your preferred source.

Remington Super 60 is based in Fredrikstad, and consists of Christoffer Schou, Elisabeth Thorsen, and Magnus Abelsen.  The band's music is released on Christoffer's own own label Café Superstar Recordings.  A new EP is planned for later this year.  You can explore their many releases over the past 20 years at the links at the bottom of the post.

Cafes Superstar Recordings

Thursday, June 27, 2019

"This Christmas" and "The Time We Had" by Lachlan Denton & Studio Magic

One July album that has already found a spot on our wish list is A Brother, by Lachlan Denton & Studio Magic.  Lachlan was one of the mainstays of Melbourne's Ocean Party, which we believe to have been one of the best bands of the past decade.  A Brother is the product of Lachlan's efforts to come to grips with the tragic death of his brother Zac last fall.  To help him in the project he called upon friends and former bandmates of both brothers.  We will have more to write about the album, the players, and Zac Denton when the album is released.  However, we wanted to share with you two excellent tracks that already are available as singles.  And you really don't need much more from us about them, the love is palpable.

A Brother will be released by Osborne Again Music, Spunk Records, and Bobo Intregal.

Bandcamp for pre-order of A Brother

Peter Cat - Plays Well With Others

We are not fans of false advertising, so we issue a few demerits to Glasgow project Peter Cat for having neither a cat nor a frontman named Peter.  However, we believe in forgiveness (and we have a feline-like curiosity), so we listened to the band's recent album, Plays Well With Others, and we are very glad that we did so.  The songs are an infectious mix of indie pop rock, cabaret, glam, and art school.  The vibe is upbeat and fun, and the listener may have the feeling that they are experiencing a musical stage show as Peter Cat slips from one song style to another like different costumes for each scene.  And by the way, the band provides the lyrics, which are well written, humorous and enhance the listening experience.

Peter Cat are Graham Neil Gillespie and some like-minded collaborators.  Plays Well With Others is out now in digital and cassette formats.

Bandcamp for album

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Neutrals - Kebab Disco

Not many bands from California's San Francisco Bay Area sound like a punk/post punk band from Glasgow.  But most bands are not fronted by Allan McNaughton.  Allan was raised in Western Scotland and  played in Glasgow post-punk band Glue (we believe the time frame was late '80s-early '90s).  He has since relocated to California, where his musical talents were applied to Giant Haystack and, now, Neutrals.  With Neutrals, Allan and his bandmates embrace Allan's Scottish background and California present in a connected and not quite autobiographical series of vignettes.  Presented in  both vintage punk and Glasgow indie rock styles (with a touch of California), and voiced with Allan's still thick Scottish accent, the songs depict snapshots of life in Glasgow on the A-side and California on the B-side.  You will hear of art school, technical school, professional jealousy, drugs, romance, and late night kebabs, all before crossing the Atlantic for food courts, hating on the summer of love and a song about the iconic motorcycle cop.  The music is excellent, the spirit is strong, and this album is one of the fun listens of this year.

Neutrals are Allan and two Phils.  Kebab Disco is out now in digital format (vinyl is sold out) via Emotional Response Records.

Bandcamp for album

Red Sleeping Beauty - Tonight EP

Prolific synth pop masters Red Sleeping Beauty are presenting us with a new record.  Just a few months after releasing the wonderful Stockholm LP, the Swedish trio return with Tonight, a four-track EP that should further enhance their reputations in the top echelon of synth pop.  Leading off is title track "Tonight", an upbeat song featuring dual vocals and memorable hooks.  It also featured on the recent album, but it deserves this second and starring role.  Following track "Someone Somewhere" adds a charming indie pop vibe to the band's repertoire, with Kristina's vocals bearing the perfect amount of sassy '60s girl group attitude.  "Emma's House" is an enchanting cover of a tune by English band The Field Mice.  Final song "Falling Out Of Love" fits perfectly in Red Sleeping Beauty's sweet spot creating songs that invite you to dance while you sigh.  Listen for it in a club near you.

Red Sleeping Beauty  are Niklas Angergard, Kristina Borg, and Mikael Matsson.  Tonight EP is out July 12 in CD and digital formats via Matinee Recordings, but you can order it and obtain the digital version now.

Bandcamp for EP
Matinee Recordings page for EP
Matinee Recordings

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

St. Christopher Medal - Hoof!

St. Christopher Medal is a new old band.  Under that name, they began recording quite recently.  However, four of the five members comprised Life With Nixon, a Scottish band that ended its run in the '90s.  It seems that friendship and a love of music have a glue-like property, so the world of music now has St. Christopher Medal and St. Christopher Medal have a new album titled Hoof!  Perhaps surprisingly given the scattered UK location of most of the band (one of the members now resides in the US), the dominant flavors here are country rock and Americana.  But Hoof! also happens to be one of the finest country rock and Americana albums we have heard in a very long time.  The songwriting reflects experience, perspective and a keen observational eye.  Similarly, the performances are of the sort one can only expect of performers with years of experience and familiarity with each other.  The songs are warm, reflective, melodic, and richly detailed.  For those of us no longer in our 20s or 30s, this album is life set to music, and it makes a strong case for a place on our essential playlist.

We embedded a few of our favorites below, but it hurt to not include more, including the lovely "Diablo", "Baseball Jacket" and "The Desert Wind And The Jazz Wolf".  Suffice it to say that if you don't choose to listen to the entire album, you are cheating yourself.  Visit the Bandcamp link below; you can thank us later.

St. Christopher Medal are Ali Mathieson, Kenny Mathieson, Billy Nisbet, David Mack, and Andy Jeffries, with additional contributions by Liam Cassidy and Steph Fraser.  Hoof! is out now in CD, vinyl, and digital formats via Stereogram Recordings.

Bandcamp for Hoof!
Stereogram Recordings

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Terror of the Deep - The A-Team

Regular readers of this blog will be shocked to know that we found another worthy guitar band.  Absolutely shocked!  Well, not really because we are always on the lookout for talent in the Southern Hemisphere, and we often find it.  This discovery is Wellington band Terror of the Deep, purveyors of brightly colored, hook-filled guitar pop as presented in their new album, The A-Team.  The arrangements are part garage, part dream pop with a few psychedelic bits as well.  There is just enough of the past NZ guitar pop heroes to remind you that there is a rich history behind these guys, but plenty of personality unique to this band.  The players are highly adept, and meld well together, and the songs are invariably interesting and melodic.  Try a few tracks below, and if you like them, buy them, because this album follows their second album by four years, so you can't expect to sleep on The A-Team and catch the next one soon.  Of course, you shouldn't want to sleep on this album, it is a cracker, and at $7, it is an bargain.

Terror of the Deep is Oliver Dixon (guitar/vocals/drums), Taip Adams (bass/vocals), William Daymond (drums/vocals/guitar), and Thomas Watson (keys/vocals).  The A Team is out now as a digital release. See the Bandcamp link below.  And we want to thank the wonderful PopLib blog from Dunedin, NZ (link) for alerting us to this band.

Bandcamp for The A-Team

"Sun In My Eyes (feat. Pernilla Andersson)" by The Legends

It has been a while since we heard from Swedish synth pop legend Johan Angergard, who is, in fact, The Legends.  But we recently were alerted to his new single "Sun In My Eyes", featuring vocals by singer and producer Pernilla Andersson.  Since the song is making our day better, we think is is fair to make your day better as well, so here it is:

Soundcloud for "Sun In My Eyes"
Various links for "Sun In My Eyes"
Pernilla Andersson Website
Labrador Records