Friday, March 8, 2019

The Cleaners From Venus - Time Machine EP

Martin Newell, the head man of UK's Cleaners From Venus is a musical treasure.  Fortunately for fans of his music, and particularly for Martin himself, he is not yet a buried treasure. In fact, he continues to create music with excellent melodies and entertaining stories.  And today he has released the Time Machine EP.  Consisting of the lead track from his 2018 album and two new tracks, it is available as a digital download at his Bandcamp site for 'name your price'.  New music from The Cleaners From Venus seems to us a very excellent way to begin our weekend.

And check out the delightfully psychedelic video for the lead track created by Jodi Lowther.

Facebook (for Martin Newell)
Bandcamp for Time Machine EP

Thursday, March 7, 2019

"Heaven" by bdrmm

If you woke up this morning aching to hear an inspiring combination of '80s synth pop and shoegaze, we have a great song for you.  And if the previous sentence doesn't describe you, we still have a great song for you.  We are very accommodating that way.

The song is "Heaven", by Hull, UK quintet bdrmm.  We suppose that the name references music made in one or more bedrooms, but verification of that assumption would require research, which sounds a lot like work.  So that isn't likely to happen, is it?  Regardless, this song pushes all the right buttons for us this morning.  Get it now as a digital download via Permanent Creeps.

bdrmm are Ryan Smith, Jordan Smith, Joe Vickers, Daniel Hull, and Luke Irvin.

Spotify page for bdrmm

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

"Sleight of Hand" by Flying Fish Cove

Would you like to hear At Moonset, the new album by Seattle indie pop band Flying Fish Cove?  Of course you would, and so would we, but that won't happen for another month via Help Yourself Records.  So we all have to settle for the peppy jangle of "Sleight of Hand" -- the second single from the album, with the added bonus of a video.

Bandcamp for At Moonset

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Golden Daze - Simpatico

On Simpatico, California duo Golden Daze create a soundscape constructed of synths and guitars, haze and diffused sunlight.  And if you think that matches the name that the artists chose for their project, you are exactly right.  To our ears it seems an updated version of '70s soft rock balladry, but the adept songwriting makes the fresh coat of paint well worth the listen.  The songs are concise and focused, and reveal a spine of quiet emotion under the pastel, neo-psychedelic tones.  This album doesn't aim to get in your face and shout "love me", but it you give it a chance over a few plays, you may well love it anyway.  In any case, the journey will be warm and pleasant.

Golden Daze are Jacob Loeb and Ben Schwab.  Simpatico is out now via Autumn Tone.