Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Cool Greenhouse - Crap Cardboard Pet

When home on a Saturday night we tend to look for less conventional music.  And tonight our internet journey has led us to London project The Cool Greenhouse.  Their self-described sweet spot is "lo-fi, repetitive post-punk with a social conscience", which seems to succinctly describe exactly what we are hearing (as well as saving us some editorial brain damage).  Telling you what to expect would spoil the surprise, so just play the three songs and enjoy the surprisingly addictive strangeness.

Bandcamp for Crap Cardboard Crap

Friday, February 22, 2019

"Hatchet" by I Was A King

If you like guitar pop and power pop, you should be a fan of Norway's I Was A King.  If you aren't already, you'll have an excellent opportunity in a couple of weeks when they release their new album, Slow Century.  But you don't even need to wait that long to get started.  Here, for the start of your weekend, is "Hatchet", the second single from the upcoming album.  And you may be interested to know that the song was produced by Teenage Fanclub's Norman Blake and engineered by The Delgado's Paul Savage.

Bandcamp for Slow Century

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Holiday Ghosts - West Bay Playroom

You know how TV series have a theme song that plays at the beginning (and often the end) of every weekly show?  Well, if WYMA were like a TV series, our 2019 theme album would be West Bay Playroom.  The sophomore LP by Falmouth, UK four-piece Holiday Ghosts often is the first album played in the morning and the last one played at night, and it may well get a work-out in between.  What makes it so special?  In our opinion, many things.  There is the loose, rootsy feel to the performances, the punk/garage attitude, the ramshackle and live-take vibe, the impressive variety of the arrangements (roots/country/blues/instrumental/rock), and the multiple perspectives from the several songwriters and performers.  But perhaps most endearing is the joy of making music that radiates from every track.  And with a generous 14 tracks, this is a set of songs that provides true, long-play satisfaction.

This year we are going to list our favorite albums of every calendar quarter as a way of helping the reader get a sense of what we've liked the most of the current releases, and to spur us to actually get back into producing a year-end list.  Please be advised that West Bay Playroom will be on the list for the first quarter.  Listen to it.  Buy it.  Play it.

Holiday Ghosts are Sam Stacpoole, Kat Rackin, Ryan Cleave, and Charlie Fairbairn.  West Bay Playroom is out now in vinyl and digital formats via PNKSLM Recordings.

Bandcamp for West Bay Playroom
PNKSLM Recordings

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

"You're Not Always On My Mind" by Quivers

As experts in navigating life like a boss, we know that a well-lived life requires having good songs in your quiver.  But we also aren't too old to learn, so we'd like to share with you that a well-lived life needs a good song by the Quivers.  In fact, we have become quite obsessed with "You're Not Always On My Mind", the single released today by Melbourne-by-way-of-Tasmania quartet Quivers.  With a title refrain that borrows the sly lyrical twist as the old, beloved 10cc standard, the song shimmers and jangles in all the right places, with the warm and sincere vocals balanced by a dynamic arrangement.  The band released an album last year (link) and will be gracing SXSW this spring, but for those of us who hadn't previously had the pleasure, this is one sparkling triumph of an introduction.

Quivers are Sam J. Nicholson (vocals/guitar), joined by Bella Quinlan (bass), Holly Thomas (drums), and Michael Panton (lead guitar).  "You're Not Always On My Mind" was released today (well, today in Australia, tomorrow in the US) via Hotel Motel Records.

Bandcamp for single
Various links for single

"The Original Doo-Wop Spacemen" by Trudy & The Romance

With a repertoire spanning ballads and rockers, Liverpool's Trudy & The Romance plans to storm the music world with the release of Sandman on May 24.  But this is show biz, and show biz requires prepping the audience.  So the lads have released album track "The Original Doo-Wop Spacemen", with a theatrical video to match.  Strong vocals, appealing story-telling, and sharp tunes -- consider us prepped, and eagerly awaiting the album.

Trudy & The Romance are Oliver Taylor (guitar/vocals), Lewis Rollinson (bass), and Brad Mullins (drums).

Bandcamp for Sandman album (pre-order)
Various links to pre-order Sandman


"Bitter Honey" by The Catherines

We regularly do certain things here at WYMA ... <<Reader: "Drink beer!>>  Well, yes, dear reader, we do drink some beer.  We also ... <<Reader: "Drink wine!">>  Ah, yes, we confess to an occasional glass of vino.  However, we ... <<Reader: "Nap when you should be working and ...">>.  Ok, that is enough.  Please stop interrupting or we'll never finish this post before our morning time.

As we have been trying to write, we have regularly featured new recordings from Germany's The Catherines.  Today's edition from the duo of Sandra Ost and Heiko Schneider is a lovely cover of "Bitter Honey".  The song was written in the '60s by Paul Williams and Roger Nichols, and was first recorded by The Holy Mackerel.  You can now have The Catherines' interpretation for 'name your price' on Bandcamp.


Monday, February 18, 2019

Spielbergs - This Is Not The End

The day began with an argument with the 'neighbors from hell', then came the news that a relative had broken his leg skiing, followed by my car malfunctioning after taking dinner to said relative and his spouse.  There is only one way to finish a day like this -- with a good set of life-affirming noise.  It is time to rock.  And as it is time to rock, it is time to direct your ears to This Is Not The End, the new album by Norway Spielbergs.  The album delivers a generous 12 songs of exuberant post punk and fuzzy, loud power pop that makes each chorus a celebration of the joy of rock music.  I feel better already ...

Spielbergs are Mads Baklian, Christian Løvjaug and Stian Brennskag.  The album is out now -- check out the Bandcamp link below.

Bandcamp for This Is Not The End

Sunday, February 17, 2019

"Keep Warm" by The Drives

Shimmering pop with warm '70s vibes never goes out of style, and "Keep Warm" by California duo The Drives is a prime example.  The song has been on repeat at WYMA headquarters for several days, and we don't expect that to change soon.  So a tip of the When You Motor Away motoring cap to Andrew Levin and Casey Chen for producing one of he most addictive songs we have heard in a long time.


"Swarm" by Dreams of Empire

Brighton's Dreams of Empire continues their monthly run of new singles with "Swarm".  For this track, the Brighton duo Andrew and Jane Craig stay in the shoegaze channel, but create a track infused with anxiety and perhaps even a hint of menace.  At 'name your price', you can't go wrong adding a bit of "Swarm" to your life.