Saturday, February 9, 2019

"Beverly" by Loose Wing

A good starting point for getting to know Loose Wing (assuming you missed our previous post about them) is their new single "Beverly".  It is a good starting point not just because it is an excellent song, superbly performed, and not just because it was released this week, although we admit that either of those reasons would be enough.  It also is a good starting point because "Beverly" is taken from the band's upcoming self-titled LP, which will be released on March 22.  Thematically, the song depicts a fictional marriage between a domineering husband and a repressed, self-medicating wife.  Musically, it is guitar pop bliss with a dose of strings to seal the deal.  The band is fronted by Claire Tucker, who also plays in Black Nite Crash.

In addition to Tucker, Loose Wing includes Jack Peters (bass), Rusty Willoughby (drums/percussion), and Bill Patton (guitar/pedal steel).

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Bandcamp for "Beverly"
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Friday, February 8, 2019

Earache - Last

WYMA: We have something for you today.
Reader: What is it?
WYMA: Something very, very nice.
Reader: Oh, it will be a happy Friday, then.  Please tell me, what is it?
WYMA: Earache.
Reader: Lovely, I'd like to .... WHAT?  You are offering me an earache?  No way.
WYMA: Don't be that way.  This Earache is very good for your ears.
Reader: Do you think I'm stupid?  I've had earaches before and they are horrible things.
WYMA: We'll give you a bit of Earache and we think you'll change your mind.
Reader: That's crazy.
WYMA: Take your fingers out of your ears.  Please, for us.
Reader: Well, OK, but just a bit, I have a low tolerance for pain.

WYMA: There! That wasn't so bad, was it?
Reader: No. It actually was quite nice.  But does the pain come later?
WYMA: There is no pain with Earache, only pleasure.  They are an Australian duo comprised of Gemma Nourse and David Fenderson, and have released a wonderful eight-track album titled Last.  The eight songs feature stabbing, tangled guitar lines, affecting melodies, and girl/boy vocals delivered in a sturdy dream pop/shoegaze style.  There are some similarities to New Zealand's Surf City, but with more structure and a lot more attention to the vocals, and fans with a deeper historical base likely will detect some Field Mice DNA.  Here are two more of our favorites from the album:

Reader: You guys are wonderful.  My ears feel terrific!  We are going to recommend Earache to all of our friends.  Where can we find it?

WYMA: We're glad you aren't suffering too much from the Earache.  Last is out now in digital formats via Lacklustre Records and Black Wire Records, and vinyl via Black Wire Records.

Bandcamp for Last (Lacklustre Records)
Bandcamp for Last (Black Wire Records)

Thursday, February 7, 2019

"Cannonball" by Dijon

Maryland-to-Los Angeles vocalist Dijon is better known as one half of  R&B duo Abhi//Dijon, but he has begun carving out a solo career with singles "Wild", "Nico's Red Truck" and "Skin".  His latest release is "Cannonball".  We love his voice and sense of imagery.  Listen below, and look for EP Sci Fi 1 soon.

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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

"You've Changed" by lophiile

Lakewood, Washington's Tyler Acord is a talented young man.  A producer and multi-instrumentalist, he is a member of R&B outfit Radiant Children and is a sought after as a producer by other artists.  This month he is taking the step of releasing an EP under the name lophiile.  Titled To Forgive, it consists of five tracks with vocal contributions from Jesse Boykins III, Sophie Faith and NSTASIA.  Expect touches of hip-hop, jazz, and R&B.  The EP will be released by the venerable Blue Note Records.

Check out the lead track "You've Changed" below.

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"Just A Feeling" by Holiday Ghosts

We are a little over a week away from the release of one of our favorite albums of the year so far: West Bay Playroom by Falmouth, UK's Holiday Ghosts.  Since we will be writing more about the album soon, we won't write much now.  Some people would call that "restraint".  Our mothers call it "lazy", which is pretty cheeky given Mother's Day is only three months away.

However, we won't pass up the opportunity to point out that our favorite ghosts have released a third song from the album.  So here is your chance to shuffle your feet and bob your head to the good time vibes of "Just A Feeling" even before the album is in your hot little hands.

Bandcamp for West Bay Playroom
PMKSLM Recordings

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Sister John - Sister John

Well, well, well, this is a most pleasant surprise for our early 2019 features.  We have for you today a terrific package of folky, roostsy, country-tinged indie pop from the west.  Western Scotland, that is.  The band is Glasgow's Sister John, which also is the name of their new album.  The range of songs is impressive, from the uptempo and eminently danceable, such as showcase track "I'm The One" (refer to the video, below), to sparsely adorned, intimate ballads.  Lead vocalist Amanda McKeown (also guitar/songwriting) matches the range of the material, calling on a palpable swagger or plaintive crooning as needed.  Bandmates Jonathan Lilley (guitar/bass/keys), Heather Philips (violin/bass), and Sophie Pragnell (viola/drums) all sing as well, and the harmonies are among the pleasing attributes of the album.  Like us, this band favors material shaded in dark colors, and the strings and guitar combine with McKeown's voice to deliver the message in perfect tones.  We were initially more drawn to the livelier tracks, but over time we have found that the ballads leave a deep and lasting impression as well.  Try a little boot-scooting Glasgow style.

Sister John is out January 25 via Last Night From Glasgow.

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Last Night From Glasgow (label)

Monday, February 4, 2019

Mope City - News From Home

News From Home is more than one thing.  It may be several things more than one thing, depending on one's perspective and the intentions of its creators, the Sydney duo Mope City.  But it is at least two things: Bleak, downer slowcore; and indie pop.  Comprised of rough-edged gems with sparse instrumentation and loud/soft dynamics, the album contemplates the effects of time on relationships and associations.  Overall, the pace is unhurried, but the songs have their own demanding intensity that captures the listener.  The evocation of disconnection becomes our connection and the general twilight makes the intermittent rays of light brighter and warmer.  Take the journey with Mope City, it is worth your time.

Mope City are Amaya Lang (bass/vocals) and Matthew Neville (guitar/vocals/piano/violin), with various contributors on percussion.  News From Home is out now via the fine Australian label, Tenth Court.

Bandcamp for News From Home
Link for vinyl version
Tenth Court Records

Sunday, February 3, 2019

"Holy Lights and Shadows" by Gypsy Circus

Edinburgh quartet Gypsy Circus brings intensity and nuance to alternative rock with "Holy Lights And Shadows", the title track from their new EP, which is due at the end of the week.  Guitar jangle mixes delightfully with impressive vocals and a dynamic arrangement.  Very impressive, in our opinion.  We are looking forward to the EP.

Gypsy Circus are Aaron King (vocals), Michael Mackay (guitar), Shaun Alderman (bass), and Calum Thomson (drums).