Friday, October 19, 2018

Carla J. Easton - Impossible Stuff

Listening to Impossible Stuff, the second solo album from Glasgow's Carla J. Easton (late of Teen Canteen and Futuristic Retro Champions), we have the distinct impression that nothing is impossible for this artist.  The album features ten well-crafted pop tunes generously stuffed with optimism, escape, romance, delicious melodies and fulsome arrangements.  An accomplished and versatile songwriter, Carla also has an impressive range as a vocalist -- equally adept at suggesting heartache and hope, prompting a dance and bringing things back down to earth with a whisper.  The production is impressive as well, with rich textures and a shimmery finish.  Impossible Stuff is a grand statement from a talented artist, will fit nicely into anyone's pop playlist.

Impossible Stuff is out now in vinyl, CD and digital formats via Glasgow's Olive Grove Records.  By the way, Carla's first solo album appeared under the name Ette.

Bandcamp for Impossible Stuff

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Papercuts - Parallel Universe Blues

Boasting gently hooky melodies adorned with lush arrangements, Parallel Universe Blues is our dream pop pick for the week.  The work of Jason Quever in his artistic guise Papercuts, the music is an almost folky brand of dream pop with a cloudy, gauzy jangle and strum and electronic accents.  Lyrically, Jason explores relationship changes, life choices, and the process of coming to terms with what happens.  In its best songs, Parallel Universe Blues echoes a mythical collaboration of The Jesus and Mary Chain and Beach House (e.g. "Sing to Me Candy").  And since that is a wonderful idea that you never will witness in reality, we suggest that this latest addition to the Papercuts catalog will serve you needs quite well.

Parallel Universe Blues is out October 19 in vinyl, digital and CD formats via Slumberland Records.

Bandcamp for album
Slumberland Records page for album

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

"Hold On Kid"/"Pissing Blood" by Shogun And The Sheets

Yes, life has disappointments, and one of ours is the demise of Sydney's Royal Headache, a band whose brand of garage and soul never failed to pull us in.  However, there is no need to dwell on what can't be fixed, because today brings us the debut single from Shogun And The Sheets, the new project from Royal Headache's frontman.  Consisting of two songs, the rocking "Hold On Kid" and the slow-burning garage soul "Pissing Blood", it provides the Shogun fix we have been aching for.

Shogun And The Sheets are Shogun (vocals), Gabby (keys), Seb (guitar), Abe (bass), and Derro (drums).  The debut single is released in vinyl and digital formats via What's Your Rupture -- see the Bandcamp link below or your favorite digital outlet.

Bandcamp for single
What's Your Rupture

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Bitumen - Discipline Reaction

A good life requires balance, so after beginning the day with some dreamy jangle pop, we bring you some excellent music in a different vein.  Discipline Reaction is a substantial work of post punk industrial rock -- loud, confident, aggressive, and very, very sharply written and performed.  The album is the work of Melbourne four-piece Bitumen, who last graced these pages about 18-months ago for their cassette split single with No Sister (link).  While that earlier work gave us a taste of the band's talent, we are nevertheless blown away by the nine tracks here.  The songs are the complete package, not only superbly performed metal-tinged post punk, but sharply written nuggets of dark, sinister rock.  This is completely captivating stuff, and we recommend you give it a listen.

Bitumen are Kate, Sam, Bryce, and Simon.  Discipline Reaction is out now in digital and vinyl formats via Melbourne label Vacant Valley.

Bandcamp for Discipline Reaction (vinyl)
Bandcamp for Discipline Reaction (digital)

Kaveh Kanes - Loanwords

Even understanding that most of you have not reviewed the Articles of Incorporation for this blog, regular readers will not be surprised to know that one of our stated purposes is to celebrate jangle pop.  Quite simply, it is one of our things, and we are willing to go far and wide to find it.  So here we are with Loanwords, the new album from Indonesia's Kaveh Kanes.  This is the band's second album, but happily brings no stylistic changes to their seemingly effortless guitar pop.  The atmosphere is dreamy, and the melodies shimmer and soar while the guitars jangle and chime.  These songs fit well in the sunshine on the beach, or a late night drive with the windows open and the stars shining.  If you are facing a tough week at work, this album could be your medicine.  And even if your week will be easy, don't you deserve a treat?

Kaveh Kanes are Asad, Mumu, Zaim, and Hafid.  Loanwords is out now in digital and CD formats via Jigsaw Records.

Bandcamp for Loanwords
Jigsaw Records

Monday, October 15, 2018

"You Want Me?" by Martin Frawley

We loved every recording we received from Melbourne's Twerps, but to our knowledge the band hasn't been active for a while.  But a songwriter and performer as talented as main Twerp Martin Frawley can't remain inactive for long.  Today brought the welcome news that Martin has signed with Merge Records, and he and Merge have celebrated by releasing new single "You Want Me?"

Eschewing the jangle of past recordings for a bass driven tune with piano accents, the song is a heart on the sleeve statement of lost love that strikes us as the perfect introduction to the next stage of Frawley's career.  Enjoy the single below, and expect a new album from Frawley and Stewart Bronaugh in the coming months.

Bandcamp for single