Saturday, August 25, 2018

"Lord Let Me Know" by Lights On Moscow

Well, well, well.  If you are looking for one song to slay you today, try "Lord Let Me Know".  The debut single from Lights On Moscow features an emotion-packed vocal performance and impressive production, and we have been playing it over and over this evening.  The project combines the talent of Justin Lockey (Editors/Minor Victories/Mastersystem) and Hazel Wilde (Lanterns On The Lake).  The song is the first to be shared from their upcoming EP, Aorta Songs - Part 1, which will be released via Physical Education Recordings.

Physical Education Recordings

Friday, August 24, 2018

"We Can't Win" by The Goon Sax

Regular readers of this blog already know that The Goon Sax, despite the youth of its members, are one of the true musical delights from Australia these days.  Their new album is less than a month away, but we have a fresh audio of album track "We Can't Win".  We beg to differ with the song title -- when we have music from The Goon Sax, we are winning.

The Goon Sax are James Harrison, Louis Forster, and Riley Jones.  We're Not Talking will be released on September 14 via Chapter Music (Melbourne) and Wichita Recordings (London).  The band will be touring the UK in September and October.


Sea Pinks - Watermelon Sugar/Rockpool Blue (two-song single and LP announcement)

This post exists to alert you to both an excellent couple of songs, and an album coming in a few weeks.  The songs are "Watermelon Sugar (Alcohol)" and "Rockpool Blue", by our favorite Belfast guitar pop band, Sea Pinks, and will be included on the September 28 release of the band's new full length record, also titled Rockpool Blue.  If you pre-order the album at the Bandcamp link, you will receive an immediate download of these tracks, which just may keep you happy until the album drops.

Why do we love Sea Pinks?  Well, they combine jangle pop with the forward push of post punk, and accent it with shades of melancholy and hope.  But the bottom line is great songs that have immediate effect and deliver timeless satisfaction.

CF Records
Bandcamp to pre-order album

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Say Sue Me - Just Joking Around / B Lover (single)

Any day that starts with a fresh new record from Korean band Say Sue Me is a day we start with a smile and happy feet.  The band thrilled us with full length Where We Were Together this spring, and return now with the two-song Just Joking Around/B Lover.  The A-side begins as a mid-tempo slice of moody guitar pop reminiscent of Galaxie 500, but builds to storming '90s alt rock and then dissolving gently before ending with a bouncy pop coda.  An unusually dynamic song from a pop band, and highly satisfying.  "B Lover" is taken from the spring album, and provides a more straight-forward rocking, noise pop counter to "Just Joking Around".  In our view, what this record delivers, in addition to fine music, is a promise that Say Sue Me will continue to grow and please us.  If we were financial analysts, and this band were a stock, we would mark it a "buy".

And speaking of "buy", the single is available in digital and vinyl formats as of August 24 via Damnably.

Bandcamp for single
Damnably page for Say Sue Me

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Sickest Smashes

This sort of discovery helps make trawling the web for indie music worthwhile.  For those of us in North America, the underground of the south island of New Zealand is off the beaten page by more than a few days' hike.  But here we are, grooving to Sickest Smashes, a compilation of indie rock and guitar pop from local label Melted Ice Cream.  It collects songs from a cross section of currently active Christchurch bands, including a number of artists who haven't previously appeared on a record.  Whether grooving to hooks in lo-fi guitar pop or bouncing to booming hits and chunky riffs, this album will satisfy your musical curiosity.  The CD version contains a wealth of information regarding the bands and the Christchurch music scene, but the digital version is available as well.

Melted Ice Cream on Facebook
Melted Ice Cream on tumblr
Melted Ice Cream on Twitter