Thursday, January 26, 2017

"Cascais" by Mumrunner

If you aren't a regular reader of these pages, you may not be familiar with Mumrunner, which simply is one of the best new guitar bands you haven't heard of.  Regular readers already know this, and feel superior to you.  Get used to it.

We featured the band's Gentle Slopes EP last September (link) and are of the opinion that it is one of the better EPs released last year.  The excellent third track of that record, "Cascais", is the subject of the band's first ever video.  View the video below, and stream/buy the entire EP at the Bandcamp link.

Bandcamp for Gentle Slopes EP

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

In celebration of Burns Night

Tonight is Burns Night, the celebration of Scotland's bard, Robert Burns.  For your listening pleasure we have two streams of Scottish band Camera Obscura's performances of Burns' poems set to music.  Both sessions were recorded at the BBC show hosted by the great, late John Peel.

Camera Obscura's webpage
Camera Obscura on Facebook
Camera Obscura on Twitter

"Ride It Out" video by Redspencer

Sometimes we would like to promote our favorite bands and their recent albums more than once.  But the Society for Music Blogger Standards has advised us that we won't be invited to next year's SMBS annual ball if we lamely repost a recent feature.  And we really like an excuse to pull out the dress kilt and not wear underwear.  So, while we've wanted to remind everyone about Perks, the fine debut album by Melbourne's Redspencer, we felt our hands were tied.  Fortunately, the band helped us out by making this hazy gem of a video for chill album track "Ride It Out".  Thus, we can now urge you to enjoy the song and video, and check out our feature from November (link).  Need we point out that Redspencer is our favorite kind of spencer?

Link to purchase Perks
Deaf Ambitions

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Pierre & Bastien - Musique Grecque

Look behind the name Pierre & Bastien, and you will find no Pierre, no Bastien, and no duo (although they were a duo before they added a live drummer).  Instead you will find Paul Jimenes, Baptiste Nollet and Frédéric Trux, three Frenchmen who offer tightly wound punk rock.  On their most recent album, Musique Grecque, the guitars chug and buzz, and Frédéric's drums relentless push a brisk pace.  The urgently voiced lyrics are in French, but I found that fact neither distracting nor detracting.  If you are a fan of The Wire, Terry Malts, or Parquet Courts, you owe it to yourself to give this record a spin.

Musique Grecque is out now via SDZ Records.   It is available in a limited run of vinyl, but the digital download is available for 'name your price'.

Bandcamp for album
SDZ Records

Monday, January 23, 2017

Shredd - Every Time We Meet I Want To Die

One thing that is true about the Glasgow pop scene is that if Fuzzkill Records discovers you, you are worth discovering.  The label finds talent, nurtures it, puts out their music and then, maybe, kisses them goodbye when they move on.  Some detractors say that the nurturing really is bit of machinery and lots of beer, and I respond that there is no proof that nurturing is limited to such things, and, in any case, it sounds very nurturing to me.  And one cannot argue with the results.

Today's edition of art-to-save-humanity from Fuzzkill is the Glasgow trio Shredd.  Shredd is fond of big slabs of garage rock supporting some sweet hooks and harmonies.  Their three-song EP Every Time We Meet I Want To Die is out now, and it is a killer calling card.  I listened to opener "Hideout", and said to myself 'this will be the best track, but lets see what else they have'.  Then I listened to "I'll Leave It", and congratulated myself for not telling anyone that "Hideout" was the best track, because I'd probably have to argue with those who felt the second track is the best.  And then I heard the third song, "The Switch", which is, in fact, my favorite song.  This EP has all of the vitality and immediacy of a live recording, with the added benefit that you don't even need to put on your trousers to enjoy it (although if you are dancing in front of your window, consider local ordinances).

Shredd are Chris Harvie, Mark Macdonald, and Calum Wilson.  Every Time We Meet I Want To Die is out now in cassette and digital formats via Fuzzkill Records.

Bandcamp for Everytime We Meet I Want To Die
Fuzzkill Records

Fabulous Downey Brothers - TURF

Today we bring you the survivors of the urban wilds of Tacoma, Washington -- The Fabulous Downey Brothers.  We must admit, however, that the music suggests that the origins of the band may be, quite literally, out of this world.  But that impression could also be related to the fact that his band actually has their own line of legal marijuana.  Eat your heart out, Snoop!

TURF, the band's new five-song EP, is full of fun, zany observations about life, and a dominant, surging lower register rhythm that begs to be on the playlist for your next party.  Check out of few of the party-starters below, and stream the entire EP at the Bandcamp link below.  And to thank you for reading today, we'll share a couple of special secrets: (1) The band members are not all from the Downey family; (2) The band members are not all brothers.  Did we tell you about the weed?  I don't remember.

TURF is out now via home town label Swoon Records.

Bandcamp for Turf
Swoon Records

"Benefits of Solitude" by Dag

"Benefits of Solitude" is the perfect mix of jangle pop and country rock, which is more than enough to earn your attention.  But there is more -- the song is the title track and third single from the debut LP from Melbourne's Dag.  The album will be released by Bedroom Suck Records in Australia and Omnian Music Group in North America on February 24, and it is a release we've been eagerly anticipating.  "Benefits of Solitude" addresses the impact of living in isolation.

And as a reminder, we've also included a stream of another single from the album, the lovely "Guards Down".

Dag are Dusty McCord-Anastassiou (vocals/guitar/keys/percussion), Josh Watson (bass/violin/percussion), Matthew Ford (drums), and Skye McNicol (violin).  Heidi Cutlack supplied backing vocals and Henry Mills played the sax.

Pre-order page for vinyl version
Bandcamp page for digital version
Omnian pre-order page