Friday, June 10, 2016

Tourist Dollars - Tourist Dollars EP

Have you made a list of things to accomplish this weekend?  I'll give you something to add to the list: Get the new Tourist Dollars EP.  Do so, and you will have four tracks of timeless, wide-scope pop to make everything else better.  Featuring soaring harmonies, an extra dose of reverb, a classic crooner's lead vocals and a Roy Orbison-like knack for make the song seem to reach  from the eastern horizon to the western horizon.  Previously, Tourist Dollars have only released a few singles, but on this record they sound like a band that has been perfecting their sound together for years.

Tourist Dollars EP is available now in digital and CD formats from Deaf Ambitions -- see the link below.

Tourist Dollars are Jesse McCormack, Dave McMillan, and Aiden McMillan.

Tourist Dollars EP: Order/Stream

Thursday, June 9, 2016

"Wherever You Live" by Heliotropes

Heliotropes will release their new album, Over There That Way, on July 15 via The End Records, but this week have unveiled their third single from the LP.  "Wherever You Live" reveals a confident, even swaggering, rock outfit with sharp composition and even sharper performance.  And as always, Jessica Numsuwankijkul provides the sort of compelling vocal performance that most rockers can only dream of.  Oh, I should mention the saxophone.  I played the sax in school, and I love it when it pops up in rock songs.


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

"How Can You Find Someone To Love" / "Bridges" by Citizen Helene

How does it work to be a singer-songwriter, folky, indie pop artist with the call of disco pulling at your heartstrings?  Well, in the case of Citizen Helene, it works very well, thank you very much.  Cue up "How Can You Find Someone To Love", the lead song on her new single, and feel the warm, tropics-infused vibe.  Your hips may start to sway whether you want them to or not, and you won't mind at all.  The second song is "Bridges", a wistful pop tune with psychedelic and jazz touches that also prances along at a danceable tempo.  The record ends with a six-and-a-half minute disco mix of the lead track.  And how does that make us feel?  It makes us feel like we got a big cake in one of our favorite flavors only to find another cake inside in our absolute favorite.

The record is available now in digital and vinyl formats via our favorite singles club, London's wiaiwya-7777777.  See the Bandcamp link for details.  And note that this is the label's third single in its 2016 series, so you should check out the others if you haven't already.

Bandcamp for record
Citizen Helene Website

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Getdowns - Run Away From The Night

Good old road house rock and roll -- the sound of good times, or forgetting bad times, or night time on the open road, or maybe just your usual Tuesday night (you lucky dog!).  We have the soundtrack for you, courtesy of South Bend, Indiana's The Getdowns.  And getting down is what The Getdowns do, over the course of the 15 songs of Run Away From The Night (with a few slower tunes just to show their sensitive side).  The performances are tight, the vocals clear and convincing, and the production excellent.  And it all is available as a digital download for zero dollars and zero cents.  That's right, these guys don't even require you to pull out your wallet, just listen to their music.  Do your part, folks, get your copy of Run Away From The Night and play it for your friends.

The Getdowns are Mike Frank (guitar/vocals), Sean Little (bass), Trey Gray (drums), Mike Davis (guitar/lap steel), Kevin DeCloedt (guitar), Rod Martin (keys/vocal/percussion), Wendy Martin (vocals), Dane Bryant (keys/organ), and Smith Curry (lap steel).

Bandcamp for Run Away From The Night

Sløtface - Sponge State EP

My work week started a day late as I was bike camping for a few days.  In looking through my library of new music to jump start my energy to professional level, I chose Stravanger, Norway four-piece Sløtface.  Formerly known by the somewhat less marketable name "Slutface", the band's sweet spot spans punk pop to noise pop, characterized by a knack for uplifting melodies and a big dose of youthful energy.  Their latest offering is the Sponge State EP, which is out now via Propeller Recordings, and the four tracks proved the perfect way to start my day.  The EP begins with the most punk-oriented offering, "Get My Own", and then slides into three perfect, uptempo guitar pop songs, including the two I've provided below.  Get to know Sløtface, it is like legal drugs.

Sløtface are Haley Shea (vocals), Lasse Lokoy (bass), Halvard Skeie Wiencke (drums), and Tor-Arne Vikingstad (guitar).

Propeller Recordings