Friday, January 22, 2016

"Hitchhiker" / "Wheels On The Run" by PURSES

I shouldn't shock any fan of indie rock that there is a new and exciting band from the south.  Their name is PURSES, and the members are from notable projects such as The District Attorneys, Modern Skirts, Tedo Stone, Grand Vapids, Crooked Fingers, and Blue Blood.  Obsess Much, the debut album, will be available in a few months, but you can test the goods via "Hitchhiker" and "Wheels On The Run".  Our ears say it is southern rock with touches of twin guitar California guitar pop and Midwest garage rock.  But whatever it is, it is good.


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Free songs by Postal Blue

I know that many of you, after reading our December feature on Brazilian project Postal Blue (here) wondered where to find more of that sweet guitar pop.  For a brief time, we have you covered.  Adriano has made two earlier singles -- the three-song Eponymous and the four-song Postal Blue -- available for 'name your price' via Bandcamp.  This is just what the WYMA medical staff recommends to chase away winter blahs.

Bandcamp for Eponymous
Bandcamp for Postal Blue

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"Wallflower" by Martha Ffion

Irish girl heads to Glasgow to find artistic fame and fortune on today's True Stories On WYMA.  OK, that may not be entirely and completely true at this point in time, but listen to Martha Ffion's "Wallflower" and "So Long" below and understand that it is only a matter of time.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

You Beauty - Illywhacka

You Beauty may be the name of this Sydney four-piece, but it works just as well as a self-referential tribute to their latest creation.  It would be enough to attract our praise if it were one of the best slices of pub-rock-meets-the-dance-floor since the early days of INXS.  But the ambition and attainment of Your Beauty goes well beyond that.  On their previous effort, Jersey Flegg (our feature here), they told of the unraveling love life of an aging rugby league star, facing the end of his career and his TV starlet girlfriend.   On Illywhacka, their sophomore LP, the lads craft a tale of an internet scammer who, in the course of preying on a woman, falls for her.  He then sets out to win her heart.  Does he succeed?  Well, it isn't my story to tell, so tune in to Illywhacka.  Along with the story you'll get great melodies, thumping percussion, excellent songwriting and, on "Romeo n Julie", excellent sex .... oh, sorry, I meant sax.  And "Flake and Chips" is one of my current favorite songs.  By the way, it appears that the title is an term for trickster or con man that was employed in Australia's colonial period.

Illywhacka was released in 2014 as a digital download by Rice Is Nice, but that label now has teamed up with Bedroom Suck Records to offer the album on vinyl as well.  So now you have the choice of digital or vinyl direct from either label, as well as digital downloads from the usual sources.

You Beauty is Will Farrier (vocals), Flyn Mckinnirey (bass) , Jashua Phuah (guitar), and Kino Verzosa (drums).  All of them are in other Australian bands, as well.

You Beauty on Soundcloud
Bedroom Suck Records order page for Illywhacka
Rice Is Nice page for You Beauty

Youngstrr Joey - Grilled Whiig

Our first listen to Youngstrr Joey was his track on the Scottish indie compilation David Cameron's Eton Mess (our feature here), and we understand that he played on several of the other tracks as well (including as a member of Breakfast Muff).  The Glasgow musician previous released a couple of EPs which are available for 'name your price', but he now has a proper album to his credit -- Grilled Whiig, which is out now via Edinburgh label Song By Toad Records.  Youngstrr Joey's music is lo-fi, sparsely adorned bedroom guitar pop.  The sweet spot here is late-night bedroom experimentation, unusual guitar tunings, and a glimpse into the sleep-deprived corners of Cal's mind.  In addition to the two tracks below, you can stream the entire album at the Bandcamp link below.  Additional highlights for me are "Posture" and "Yr Hallway".

Grilled Whiig is available on cassette from the label, digital from Bandcamp and the usual digital outlets.

Bandcamp for Grilled Wiig
Bandcamp for previous releases

Monday, January 18, 2016

"Three Packs A Day" by Courtney Barnett

We don't need much prompting to share a new Courtney Barnett song.  In fact, we don't need any prompting at all.  All we need is the song.  So here is Courtney's tribute to three packs a day.
Three packs of what you ask? Ramen, of course.  Struggling artists need to eat.

The song is from a six-track EP titled Good For You compiling songs from various artists on Barnett's label, Milk! Records.  The EP will be released on February 14 in digital and vinyl formats, and is available for pre-order now.

Link to order Good For You