Thursday, December 17, 2015

Video for "Boyfriend" by Goon Sax

Of course a band named after budget boxed wine will film a video of their single that took ten minutes to write in a college studio with the band and the videographer taking all of the roles.  But the thing of it is, "Boyfriend" by Goon Sax is a sardonic delight, and the video does it justice.  So here you are --

The song now is available as a digital single, and will be on the band's upcoming debut LP, Up To Anything, which will be released by Chapter Music in April.

Bandcamp for single

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

"Big Girls" by Sophie and The Bom Boms

I must admit that when a press agent sent me a song that is described as part Sleigh Bells and part Jackson 5, my inclination was to ignore it.  But I listened to "Big Girls" by Sophie and The Bom Boms (which usually is only Sophie Stern) and came to two conclusions: Accuracy should be rewarded; and damn, that is a catchy song.  So here for the pleasuring of your ears is "Big Girls.


Breakfast Muff - Rainbow Yawn

We want to address a serious issue.  Seasonal affective disorder cripples many young adults just as they should be building their careers.  Winter comes, days get short and we withdraw, get depressed and underachieve.  The personal and societal cost is immense, and the tragedy unnecessary.  Through diligent trial and error we at WYMA have developed strategies to beat this affliction.  Today, we unveil our favorite ("favourite" for our Glasgow friends) approach:  Daily Breakfast Muff.  Yes, we have found that a dose of Breakfast Muff starts the day out with the proper frame of mind, a bounce in the step, a feeling of accomplishment, and perhaps a bit of sweat on the upper lip to let you know you started the day with … well … a bang.

Glasgow's Breakfast Muff delivers distortion, with, lyrical gutter fantasy in seven garage punk songs on Rainbow Yawn.  No tentative debut, this.  It says love us or fuck off, or at least buy us a beer, in no uncertain terms.  It is the product of the delightfully flawed minds of Cal (Youngstrr Joey/Spinning Coin), Eilidh (FROTH) and Simone (FROTH), and you can listen to brief stories about Satan, who is not down to fuck, horny people, and other topics of interest.  The tunes are good and the energy infectious.  Stream some or all of it below, and see the Bandcamp link to make it your very own.  Make a note of it: Breakfast Muff is what the body needs.

Rainbow Yawn is out on December 19 via Fuzzkill Records, which seems to be a destination for a number of exciting acts in Glasgow.  The record is available as on cassette and as a digital download.

Bandcamp for Rainbow Yawn
Fuzzkill Records

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Catholic Easter Colors - Not The Silence That Was There Before

Catholic Easter Colors are an indie pop band from Birmingham, Alabama.  They recently released a very nice set of reflective songs titled Not The Silence That Was There Before via their Bandcamp page.  You can stream the EP below, and it is available to own on cassette or as a digital download.  The digital version is name your price, but as the band recently suffered a loss due to a car break-in while touring, it would be wonderful - especially this time of year - to actually pay a bit for the download.

Bandcamp for EP

Monday, December 14, 2015

"Falling To Believe" by Doug Tuttle

Doug Tuttle is a master of lo-fi psychedelia, mining that aurally rich channel cutting between psychedelic pop and acid folk.  Since the demise of his prior band Mmoss, Tuttle has been working under his own name.  On February 19, 2016, he will release his second solo album, It Calls On Me, via Chicago's Trouble In Mind Records.  Here is the first single, with hints of Kurt Vile and The Byrds, and a jaunty '70s guitar solo.  Lovely stuff that sticks in your mind like the image of your favorite crush smiling at you.  Yes, it is that good.

Trouble In Mind Records

Michael Knight - Physics Is Out To Get Me

How are you dealing with Monday?  We're dealing with it with some orchestral, '60s influenced indie pop via Michael Knight, and their new album is Physics Is Out To Get Me.  Cue it up the instruments swell, the choruses soar, and your spirits lift as if the weekend hadn't abandoned you like your last girlfriend/boyfriend - and the girlfriend/boyfriend before that one.  Comparisons have been made '60s popsters the Left Banke and to the more recent Canadian band Hidden Cameras, or perhaps the Magnetic Fields on uppers, but whether they remind you of past favorites or not, this album is an excellent way to get holiday cheer without actually listening to holiday music.  That alone should earn a nomination to the Nobel Peace Prize.

Michael Knight was founded by Richard Murphy, an Irishman transplanted to Berlin, Mike Cleare, Henrike Rabe and Martin Petersdorf.  But you don't make orchestral pop with just a few musicians, and many friends helped with Physics Is Out To Get Me, adding strings, horns and additional vocals to the duo's already varied and vibrant creations.

Physics Is Out To Get Me is out via Jigsaw Records, and is available to stream/obtain at the links below.

Jigsaw Records page for the album
Bandcamp for album
Jigsaw Records

Sunday, December 13, 2015

"Spectres" by De Rosa

Scottish band De Rosa received critical acclaim for their two albums in the '00s, Mend and Prevention, both of which were released by Chemikal Underground.  When the band split up in 2009, fans assumed that there would be no more music from De Rosa.  Understandable, but wrong.  The original line up of frontman Martin John Henry (guitar and vocals), James Woodside (bass) and Neil Woodside (drums) will release a new album, titled Weem, in 2016 via Rock Action Records.  "Spectres" is the first single from the LP, and it demonstrates why the band's return will be eagerly welcomed by indie rock fans.

Rock Action Records